An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From The Private Sketchbooks Of Artists, Illustrators And Designers


An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers is my newest book, a collection of illustrated journals from 50 different artists. It’s 272 pages of four-color inspiration at an amazing price! Buy Now From Amazon


  1. Cristobal

    I´m a spanish guy , I´ve just ordered this book from Amazon , I cant wait to see it!
    I paint mainly watercolors , and since one or two years I have skecthbooks with me.You can see my work at or
    Cheers and congratz for your work!

  2. Mark Musto


    Just found your blog. Nicely done. I love the new book. It's a wonderful idea, and your description of it is simply lovely.

    -Mark Musto

  3. Wonman Kim

    I bought this artbook a few days ago. It's is really well made artbook. It's fun to find various style illustrator's sketches, drawings and colorworks.
    Very lovely..

    – Wonman Kim

  4. GinnyStiles

    I read Every Day Matters and became an instant fan. I carry that book around and show it to people to give them some inspiration too. Now I carry a moleskin around and draw and doodle and I feel like a real artist instead of a weirdo. :-) Even to church (don't tell the pastor). I bought An Illuminated Life about two weeks ago and am enjoying it very much although I must admit that about half of the journal artists are too ghoulish and scary for me. Things don't have to be "pretty" to be interesting but they don't have to be gargoyles all the time either. The other half I have felt are good for thinking outside the box. Of all the them was my favorite and was the only one I bookmarked on my computer. I loved your two videos from England and notice you are using an aqua pen which is something I have just discovered too! Very cool. I hope you'll drop by my blog some time at Someday I hope to put some videos on my blog too. I have not had time to look at all you have yet.

  5. Wnman Kim

    Most of them. I love James jeans and Mattias adolfsson's drawing. They are very great

  6. Fedi

    I have discovered "An illustated life" few months ago by accident at a bookstore. i was looking for something to inspire me to draw again. I have moved to a new country an felt void for what felt to be a century and didn't know how to adapt or how to rediscover myself in a new environment. This book and those artists were what i was looking for. Now i am relearning how to draw and appreciate my surrounding with no fear of being criticized; i look forward for every opportunity i have to discover something new and draw my impressions in my sketchbook.
    I read the book passionatly, and every time i see it at a bookstore i want to buy it again.
    Thank You!

  7. Aude-Noëlle Nevius

    I bought this wonderful book a couple of weeks ago and it has become my bible. It is absolutely inspiring and made me go right back to journaling daily, in the same illustrated way (I used to do this sort of work ten years ago then life caught up with me and I stopped). I also listened to all the podcasts by Danny with several of the artists and it's cool to hear then live. They are normal people, just like us, not superhumans, and that helps me come to grip with the fact that I am not as talented as most of them.
    Thank you Danny!
    PS, any chance to see An Illustrated Life Volume II ? I could own 20 of these!

  8. Brook

    I have a totally packed 13 page Amazon book cart and this book has been in and out from the “purchase now” section to “the save for later” section. After reading several pages of your blog I hit the purchase button and look forward to receiving and lingering over your book. I envy those who and sketch like this. I’ve created an entire world and have only been able to put down into words.

  9. Michael Anderson

    My wife gave me your book as a Christmas gift. It is always a fun experience whenever I pick it up. I have looked at many of the artists’ online presentations and I am always knocked out by their work. Although I have always considered myself to be an avid sketcher and have even led a couple of sketching workshops for artist guilds in my area your book has motivated me to step up my sketching and blogging to a more concentrated level. Thank you, Danny, for collecting all these artists’ words and pictures, including your own, in this inspiring collection.

  10. Dee

    Dear Danny and Jack,
    I was introduced to your family through a birthday gift for my 77th birthday in February of An Illustrated Life, given to me by my son who is an artist at Hallmark. He was encouraging me to get back into art after losing his father, my husband of 54 years, in March 2009. I always considered drawing my weakness, but I did watercolors for a period of about 15 years, way, way back. I was delighted with the book, and ordered myself a copy of Everyday Matters and License to Draw and have read them more than once. I am so inspired by the whole concept of doing this “just for me!” Not trying to create finished art has been so liberating. Thank you so much for inspiring me to finish out my days released to create.
    My very first visit to your website brought the sad news of your loss of Patti. I feel I have lost a friend, and I do so much understand the adjustments that face you. Please accept my deepest wishes for an easy transition through a very different and difficult time in your life. Keep reading to Patti.

    Dee in Arkansas

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