1. Kathy Fisher

    Your new site looks great. Thank you for putting all your ideas and work out there for us to see.

    I absolutely love your book An Illustrated Life. I keep my copy on my desk and go to it often for creative inspiration and a break from computer work.

    • DannyGregory

      I'm grateful that you like my work. I also find that An Illustrated Life gives me new direction and ideas. I was lucky to get to write it and work with so many talented artists.

  2. Peg Callihan

    Love your new website. Of course I wish you would teach again so I could take the classes I missed when my daughter was ill. The classes and An Illustrated LIfe really got me over the hump and I am now successfully addicted to drawing. Thanks.

  3. GinnyStiles

    I put a long post about An Illustrated Life and Every Day matters under the book's cover which was posted way last November now that I notice. Just to repeat part of what I said is that I have just bought An Illustrated Life and find it very "outside the box" in stimulating drawing. But about half of the artist/journalists are too grotesque for me, too involved in making gargoyles or creepy beings. Things don't have to be "pretty" to be interesting for sure (see the video of painting cement factory) but I don't get turned on by creepy drawings. The other half are great and as others have said, just flipping through and reading a few gets me back to drawing again.

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