1. Marisa

    Danny, I've never commented before, but I'm so glad your blog is back.

  2. Peg Callihan

    The mini-mov was inspiring.

  3. Detlef

    Good to see you are still going strong. I enjoyed the in situ treatment by all the artists.

  4. ferfanfer

    I'm new to the site danny! I LOVED your book Creative License. I read the whole thing for free on a sunday afternoon at the waterson's on cornmarket and broad in Oxford, UK and then bought it as a gift for my boyfriend. Loved the video and am so glad to have regular access to your singular brand of inspiration. Well done.
    wishing you many blue skies,

  5. helenlp

    Fab film and incredible drawings. PLEASE post lots more of these!

  6. Christine

    Creative and very nice. You probably had a lot of fun during the trip and shooting. When I watch this film I wish you could draw like that.

  7. EdwardH

    Nice. My studio is very near where you were sitting. Note, though, that that's the Gowanus Expressway, not the BQE

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