Drawing with Tim

Tim is three now and it’s high time he learned a trick or two. I read in an old German dog-training handbook (“Wie die Ausbildung von drei Kilo Wiener, um Ihnen eine heiß Tasse Kaffee” by Dackel J. PferdApfel) that, with the judicious application of a stout cudgel and hard taffy, one can get even the most timid long-haired miniature Dachshund to speak.

We spent a frustrating weekend working through the manual with Tim and were finally rewarded with his first few words. After a month of follow-up work, he is now entirely fluent in English, has shed most of his Dusseldorf accent (replaced for some reason with a Bensonhurst growl), and bores us with long monologues about lunch meat, cats, and the perils of thunderstorms.

Now we’re working on a much bigger challenge — getting him to draw. On Tuesday night, we began his first drawing lesson and he did a passable portrait of me, before moving on to sketch some flank steak, a barbecued chicken and a meatloaf. Fortunately, a local documentary film crew was on hand to capture his first faltering steps and they’ve been posted online.

I urge you to try to encourage your own family members to draw. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and it’s easier than chasing your tail.

This video is also available in HD and on Youtube.


  1. sandy

    Ha, I love this! I just bought your new book at Barnes and Nobles the other day. I love it…

    ..the Illustrated Life….

    • DannyGregory

      Thanks for supporting my work. I hope it’s as inspiring to you as it was to Tim!

  2. Nina Johansson

    Heehee, hilarious, and I love his accent! I grew up with dachshunds, but none of them drew. While I was looking, anyway. You never know with those little tricksters… :)

  3. Florence

    Very funny, I loved the accent as well. Really enjoying your books and The EDM group. Very encouraging and motivating. I am finally doing art everyday. Thanks for the help

  4. Frank

    Danny, I thought he was right-pawed! Great idea and wonderful creativity.
    Did I miss something? I haven't read a word lately how Jack's first year in the arts high school went. How'd it go for him? Frank

  5. Jan

    Danny, I'm owned by 2 mini Dachshunds myself and can't wait to give this a try. I'm a huge fan of yours and now of Tim's as well.

  6. Leslie

    I laughed out loud! What else would a dog draw other than meat products? Makes sense to me. Too funny.

  7. Alicia

    Very silly, I loved it and brought a smile to my face today.

  8. Annie

    Managed to buy "The Illustrated Life" here at Kinokuniya in Singapore and found my way to your blog. I'm sure my rescued, age unknown dachshund (Mini Rose Doglet) is home in South Australia drawing her illustrated life at home without me. I've publushed five books of poetry but can't draw. Your work has shown me not to get hung up on that but just to leave my mark in some way on paper and then process it.

  9. Maggie

    Dan the Man: Soo glad you are back. I had given up on checking the site for a while, and was delighted this am. to see it is active once again. I 'discovered' you a few years ago while involved in an Artist's Way group. Your methods made good sense to me and I have followed you since. I give your books as gifts; they are an inspiration to all sorts of people: like me (early 50's, female) and to the high school boy I gave one to just last week. I am a professional writer who loves to draw, but will never likely be the reverse. I draw for fun and have learned to love my product, no matter how it turns out. TY for the lessons, man. I feel like I owe you.

    • patti gregory

      hi maggie, thanks for this nice comment on danny's blog! i'm an 'early 50's female too! it's cool that you write and draw. i imagine doing both but i don't have the discipline to really work at it. or maybe i'm too occupied doing laundry for my three in-home-artists…danny, jack, and now tim!
      keep well,
      ps. also can't help but mention that i love your name. especially since we have a baby 2 year old niece (danny's sister's child) named maggie and jack's best friend's dog is also maggie!

  10. Christine

    This video made my day. I've sent a link with Drawing with Tim to a couple of my friends. They all loved it. Maybe I should try it with my dog. That would be funny. It also inspired me to get back to drawing. Thanks for that. Have a blast!

  11. Daniela

    Haha! Very funny!
    I've just read 2 of Danny's books and am totally looking forward to read more!
    Best wishes from a Brazilian fan!

  12. Sage

    Nice, it's cool to see you doing films. I just finished your book: The Creative Licence and this was a funny and interesting thing to watch. It was a brilliant book by the way, very motivating and real.

  13. Johnny

    Boowahahahahaha~ cute! Just ordered your book on Amazon, will get it tomorrow~ looking forward to it ^^

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