Photo on 2009-10-23 at 19.25I am on the plane home from a whirlwind trip to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) annual conference in Hot Springs. I was invited to speak about drawing to a group of several hundred brilliant creative people and the honor was all mine. Last year I addressed the conference in Nashville and it was so great to get people who design and build things for a living back in touch with drawing, the very skill that first inspired them to become architects but which so many haveĀ  neglected in favor of computers.

Unfortunately I was unable to play all of my videos for the folks in Hot Springs, most of which are posted here on my YouTube site. I am so grateful I was invited to this conference and hope to have the chance to talk to more architects (and doctors and teachers and just about anyone who needs to get back in touch with their creativity).

P.S. This is the first time I have madeĀ  a post while 15,000 feet in the air — hope it works!


  1. matt Laine

    I wonder how much drawing most of them are doing now that there are all those computer programs like Autocad, Sketchup. et al.

    • DannyGregory

      Not much at all, they told me. They even said it's hard to get the traditional drafting supplies, electric erasers, etc.

  2. Gabrielle L.R.

    Cool, an AirPost! It's really nice to know other fields strongly related to drawing are interested in getting back in touch with their inner dessinateur.. Really. I'm sure it was super interesting (i'm jealous!)
    I'm hosting a Portrait Party with friends next weekend (thanks to you, because I discovered the concept on your blog), I'm sure it'll be lots of fun, one of the girls makes video so while we're drawing she will.. film us I guess?? We'll see!! :)

  3. Jeff Lee

    I watched your presentation in Hot Springs and was inspired to see if I could still draw after all these years of typing and clicking. I discovered my hand was out of practice, but my ability to "see" the subjuct has actually improved with age. I'm looking forward to sketching rediscovery adventure. Thanks…

    BTW, yours was the most interesting hour I sat thru at the whole AIA covention.

  4. Drew Bryant

    Danny — I saw you last year in Nashville and you were a great inspiration. I am an graduate architect who fortunately still has his job but my workload has slowed tremendously allowing me a greater amount of time to draw. I have really embraced it and feel that I owe a great amount of thanks to you for kick-starting an old flame. Here' s my flickr page…
    I hope you had the same positive affect upon the Arkasas AIA as well. Cheers! Drew

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