1. Camilla

    I find your sketchbook tours extremely inspirering. Thank you ! :D

    I would like to know which sketchbook you used in Rome and where you bought it? And what' are your favourite pens?

  2. Melly

    Nice work Danny. I just spent a half hour over in your corner of the world. Thanks. I think I am going to dedicate a journal to sketching buildings now.

  3. Melinda Bilecki

    WONderful! Can't wait to see the one from this trip!!

  4. Laura

    wonderful to see from beginning to end…thank so much for sharing this with us :)

  5. Pauline

    Dear Danny,

    I just finished you book "The creative license" while being sick and lying in my bed, changing my position every ten minutes therewith I can read your book and always feel comfortable. =)

    Last spring I applied for the studies of design, but I was not accepted. Anyway I like to study design. So I was considering how to persuade the professors to accept me. I was looking for inspiration and help all the time on blogs and websites, where accepted portfolios were presented, on magazines, papers, postcards, ads etc. On one of my expeditions through the vast world wide web I discovered your book. The upshot was that I buyed it, read it and there we are. =)
    I really enjoyed it. Now I feel more confident concerning my art and better prepared to the next season of applications.
    Thank you for that!

    Sincerely yours,


  6. Rosie

    Hooray! I was given your book "An Illustrated Life" and two moleskines for Christmas. It's a real joy to look at other people's sketchbooks. Brilliant idea.

  7. Chia

    Bravissimo Danny! I am Italian and Roma is one of my favorite cities (after Venice). Great sketches as always!!

  8. Anders Knull

    Wow! Great job, im really impressed by your work!

  9. rachel awes

    danny, isn't rome INSPIRING?!! both the architecture and the gelato! & your artwork & being you in this inspiring world is a lovely union. bestbest to you!!

  10. Molly Gage

    Ciao Danny, Thanks for sharing your lovely work. I live and draw in Rome with my Roman husband and wee daughter and we would be happy to show you some other good Rome spots and treats!

  11. Sadaf

    heyy, how are you doing? i just wanted to ask if you would consider publishing your sketchbook of your tour to rome, take care :)

  12. Sadaf

    heyy, how are you doing? i just wanted to ask if you would consider publishing your sketchbook of your tour to rome, take care :)

  13. Joaquina Hembrough

    Where is your RSS button, can’t locate it and I just have to sign upread your future posts.

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