Just in case

My boy Jack has launched a line of iPod/iPhone etc, cases. They are high quality plastic and he has been selling them to his classmates like hot cakes. New designs seem to pop out of him every week. I love my cigar smoking dog one. (Click any design to see open a full-scale gallery)


  1. Serena

    Very nice. Dusty is my fave!

  2. Bridget Hunter

    Me too. I love the Dusty! Does he do ipads? How proud you must be!

  3. a

    has he thought about opening an etsy store?

  4. Darcy

    Hi Danny,

    I wasn’t sure about how else to contact you so I thought commenting on your blog would be the easiest an most effective way!
    I’m a high school student at an arts school in Australia and have caught onto the sketchbooking bandwagon ever since I bought ‘An Illustrated Life’!

    I’m contacting you about two things; a thankyou and a favour.

    The thankyou: You introducted me to sketchbooking. It’s hard to explain how important that is to me, but because of my sketchbook I got into National Art School. I never would have started it if it hadn’t been for you!

    The favour: I have to write an essay about an inspiring artist and their practice for my HSC. The HSC is the certificate of achievement you get for finishing high school in Australia. I was wonering if you could answer a few questions for me.

    Reply and let me know if you have time – that would be great!


    P.S. My favourite is the ‘Ice Kweam’ one. He could easily sell these on etsy. I’d definitely buy one!

  5. AutumnLeaves

    Would that I had need for one of these as I love them!!

  6. Elaine

    Wow! your son has awesome talent. I love these designs. I see the artist gene runs through the family.

  7. Elia

    congratulations for your art

  8. miamia@hotmail.co.uk

    Your boy is sooo talented. Ive read your books and you are a huge inspiration to me x

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