Gregorys on ‘Oddities’

Jack and I are going to be on the Science Channel’s reality show, “Oddities,” tomorrow night, May 21st, at 10 PM.

This link takes you to some scenes from the show, but not the amazingly gripping ones we are in — which they are saving just for the broadcast.

We love the show which is full of weird and creepy things. The parts of the episode we are in was shot in my study and, to whet your appetite, here are a few location pictures from the shoot.

(Click on the first picture and controls will apear to control the slideshow.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Tina

    Thanks for sharing your oddities! Always a pleasure.

    Wish I could see the show here in Scandinavia.

    Maybe on youtube?

  2. nicolette anderson

    I am definitely going to be watching that one!

  3. joyce

    LOL…I can see why you made the show! And some of your animal friends are wearing clothes and playing sports! Very odd, indeed!

  4. Beverley

    Danny, this is quite something. We won’t get this here in the UK which is a shame. Do you practice taxidermy yourself, or do you buy the animals already stuffed? My Mum when she was alive used to collect stuffed owls, which as a child I found a bit freaky I must admit.

  5. Caatje

    Call me a coward, but I think I’d be a little scared to go in there in the middle of the night ;-) I still do love that squirrel in pink though!

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