1. Timaree

    So do you the author, get a higher percentage of the book this way rather than through a publisher? I hope so.

  2. Nikita

    I have 2/3 to go …i am trying to put together my little* review…as i read…what happened?… i use to be good with explanations :0(
    Your book is too good/inspiring …so by the end of it i might have my own book ready to “go”. I had communication problems with people around me …because i have a very slow inerty (how do I say `├Čnertie` in English?)…for that i do have an explanation…but who cares? :0)
    Your book is with me …and by the way… he is going to be late today because i`m writing reviews instead of making his lunch bag…`blame it on the boys…blame it on the girls…“ :0)

    • dannygregory

      I do hope you continue to enjoy the book, Nikita. Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm!

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