1. jane lafazio

    hmm. well first let me say you look great, Danny. handsome and trim.
    hmm. quite a collection of stuffed things. and giraffe and lion skins…my my. a new side of you I’m not quite sure I wanted to see. still love ya though.

  2. poisonrouge

    I am a fan of your books and life message and when I tuned into Oddities tonight, knew it was you immediately. I tried to catch as much of your artwork from the clip and I think I was able to make out a desk in the room with lots of drawing pens. Just came to your site and sure enough I have confirmation. Congrats on a great cameo!

  3. Roz Stendahl

    Danny, I didn’t know that you had all these skins too! I think he got quite a Deal for $3500. But now you can keep your eyes open for something new to add to your collection! Roz

  4. Rita Cleary

    Danny….my son and I were casually watching Oddities tonight, and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw YOU as a customer!!! I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I was in your drawing seminar in Atlantic City several years ago, and I also participated in one of your sketchcrawls in Lower Manhattan also a few years ago. I just finished a wonderful watercolor workshop, and was listing in my notes all those with whom I have taken classes, lessons or workshops. You were one of the first for me (and I think the only one focused on drawing). I will never forget the “draw a bagel” before- and the-amazing after. I wish you and Jack well, and hopefully our paths will cross at some point in the future. You looked great on the show! I can’t believe how grown up Jack is now!

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