1. Beverley

    Interesting interview Danny, I had no idea you were born in London, just 50 miles from where I am typing this comment!

  2. Anna T.

    Hi Danny and thank you so much for taking part in my interview series! I much enjoyed reading your responses and found that much of it really resonated with me! The reason for what what makes me enjoy your art and writing so much is twofold: FIrst, as we use some of the same materials, I find it very inspiring to see the colorways you use and just how you use your materials. Second, I find you very brave sharing your personal experiences and bringing them to us in your art and writing. A question I did not ask, was interestingly: How do you overcome any fears and doubts in terms of daring to be personal in your work – the only way to go if you ask me! How do you decide what to share and not to share? Any courageous tips would be appreciated! Take care and I wish you great success in all future endeavors!

    • scattergood-moore

      Anna, I had a link to your blog om my website Artists’ Sketchbooks Online – sorry to see it closed. Do you have another online webpage? Happy 2012.

  3. studiomiguel

    Great interview. Congrats on the books. I didn’t realize that Peanuts was in the wild, but then again, I’ve been off of the grid for a while. It’s incredible how widespread the journaling/sketchbook idea has become. It was just a few years ago that it was strange to see someone always toting a book, now, it’s amazingly common.

  4. studiomiguel

    Strangely, i went back to reread this interview and was surprised to find the blog of mention is now closed to public review. Weird.

    • scattergood-moore

      I too was sorry to see the blog was closed. Did you find out what happened?

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