1. jenpedwards

    Wow…the park where I live is not nearly so lively and artsy! I think I need to visit New York!

  2. margaretandjoy

    Really nice! What kind of camera did you get? I (Margaret) am lusting after your electronics :)

  3. Christina G. Trevino

    Danny, great little video. It seems like you had practice before.

  4. Briana

    Love the video. Glad to see you are enjoying your new camera!

  5. ChrisF

    Wow! If this is your first day with the camera, I can’t wait to see where you go with it after you’ve had some practice.

  6. Laura G

    Cameras really are beautiful sculpturally too. Mine is always on the coffee table. Looking at an old typewriter or a camera of any generation, I can imagine art that has been made and art that is yet to be.

  7. Beverley

    Such an inspiring place you live Danny! Well done on the video as well, looks like you are comfortable with video as a medium. Looking forward to seeing more of what you produce. Beverley


    That was really cool….New York must be a great place to live……from across the bay from San Francisco and a big admirer of your books……..Lynette

  9. Sally

    Love the video; thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Tammy

    That brought a smile to my face… thanks for sharing!

  11. jane lafazio

    fine work. just needs some pithy comments. Can’t wait to see more.
    and oh my, what a happenin’ place!

  12. Gwen Diehn

    Great video! Looks like downtown Asheville on a Friday night!

  13. teri flemal

    You captured a juicy slice of life from New York City. It’s a good example of why I love to live here. Fine editing job on this!

  14. Mariana Santos

    Hi Danny, I’ve been following your work for some time now. You’ve really inspired me to sketch my everyday life, I really like this video you’ve made, I can’t wait to see more of this. Keep going!


  15. Rachel

    Fantastic! That was was so uplifting.

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