Another new book: An Illustrated Journey

My favorite travel companion is a nice, fresh sketchbook. I can see my new environment with more depth and perspective when I record scenes from the journey in ink and watercolor. Sitting with a pen or brush in my hand sears the sights and sounds into my memory and into the pages of my book. While I love recording the bits and bobs of my everyday life, my richest journals are the ones I filled when traveling to new places.

Which brings me to the subjects of my newest book, to be published in 2013 by HOW Books. HOW did a wonderful job with my last book, An Illustrated Life, and they are as excited as I am about bringing out another compendium, this time entirely focused on the art of illustrated travel journals.

I am just at the beginning of the process of compiling this book and am still assembling an incredible roster of artists from all corners of the world. I intend to include people who have visited exotic places as well as those who  just travel to the mall.

I also plan to create a video podcast with interviews with my contributors so we can all see them at work and learn first hand how they make their art. It will be fantastic!

I’ll be busy with two books in the works. I will be finishing up the first draft of my next book for Chronicle this fall and then continue sifting, gathering, visiting and interviewing people for An Illustrated Journey. I’ll keep you updated on my progress — I hope you’ll come along for the trip.


  1. Ryn Weisz

    i’ll definitely go along for the trip as i have on your previous books! they’re so great and inspiring.. i’ve been spreading the word about how you helped get me back into my art and on a road that i was meant to travel! all the very best to you

  2. Emilie

    sounds amazing, cant wait to see it :)

  3. Barbara Daley

    Well Danny, so far I have “An Illustrated Life”, “Creative License”, and “Every Day Matters”, so I am just going to keep on buying your books. They are excellent, and so are you.

  4. Kate (Cathy Johnson)

    Sounds EXCITING, can’t wait, Danny! I love travel journals, too…my own and others’. I have a hefty collection of old ones, reprints and such even back to the 18th Century. (Facsimiles, obviously!) Good for you!

  5. Shelly

    I hope you’ll include your “Desert Diary” in this new book! Your books are all great…I love your style and I’ll definitely come along for the trip until such time that ‘An Illustrated Journey’ arrives at its published destination…then I will buy it!

    • dannygregory

      Well, like all the many other contributors will have a limited space in the book. I’ll have to pick carefully through my shelves of journals.

  6. Jane Humphrey

    And the Chronicle book’s title is? I hope that doesn’t prove that my comprehension is lagging, but I don’t want to miss anything. You are such an inspiration, a pebble dropped into water and we, your adoring public, keep the concentric rings traveling outward.

    • dannygregory

      The Chronicle book is untitled right now. It’s about the experience of loving and losing my wife, Patti. It’s a tough one to summarize in a a couple of words.

  7. lainbrain

    I’m glad you’re sketching/writing two more books. I can’t wait to read them. Glad things are going well for you guys.

  8. shesnosaint

    Your books have inspired my hub and me to draw more and they are just darn entertaining. Looking forward to more!

  9. cherylrazmus

    You are among only four on my short list of teachers, mentors and inspiration on my blog. When I set out to record my life in pictures or in words, your inspiration is always there.

  10. Nina / Apple-Pine

    Congratulations, Danny! Looking forward to both of your books – reading, looking at images, giving as presents, throwing as life preservers. Good luck with the making of them and I better be off to sketch!

  11. arossg

    Hi Danny, can’t wait on the new book. I work as a photographer in Scotland but trained as an illustrator. I try to keep my hand in (see some examples on my website… – personal section). Loved your last book and used to really enjoy your video podcasts…they made me feel like pencil to paper again. Kindest regards, Ross.

  12. Carol Darr

    Since I ordered your three books, “An Illustrated Life”, “Everyday Matters” and The Creative License”, I have been introduced to a very unique and inspirational way of living art. Thank you for sharing your life, your wife Patti, and son with all of us. You have so much talent and fearlessness. Looking forward to where your life and art take you.

  13. acleansurface

    Sounds interesting. A friend has considered writing a travel book, so I’ll have to put her onto the trail of your book when it comes out.

  14. lilac butterfly

    Wonderful news, Danny – “the art of illustrated travel journals” :) Just did a small one for a 5-week trip. It’s amazing how the memories and insights come alive in a different way! All the best gathering like-minded souls for AIJ :)

  15. Heather

    Wow, I’ll be eagerly awaiting this one! Your books are so inspiring and travel journals are one of my all time favorite subjects, I am sure it will be magnificent!

  16. Helen Leigh-Phippard

    Can’t wait!

  17. Gill from the UK

    Oh goody – more books for my shelf!

    Danny, if you are still looking for contributors for An Illustrated Journey, I hope you will pop over to Travel & Art where a few passionate travellers have been posting images of their travel journals. It would be lovely to see some of yours there too.. :)

    Your friend Gill (from Journal Craft)

  18. Gill from the UK

    Sorry – got the link wrong in my earlier comment – this should be correct – Travel & Art

    Your friend Gill (from Journal Craft)

  19. Seth Apter

    Congratulations Danny. I look forward to this new book…even though I have to wait for you to write it first!

  20. jill

    Mmm another reason to wish my life away, I am already looking forward to 2013 now

  21. Richard Sheppard

    Danny, So glad to hear you are doing a companion book to An Illustrated Life! As I mentioned before, I’ve read it cover to cover, twice, and loved it both times. It was the driving force for my travels to Greece the following summer. I don’t know how you manage to write all these books (Peanut is next on my reading list) but I’m sure glad you do because I love them all!

  22. Brenda Swenson

    You continue to inspire and encourage others through words and images! I don’t know how to manage to do it all!

    I would love the opportunity to submit images from my illustrated travel journals. Where do I send submissions?

    Happy Sketching,

    • dannygregory

      Right here, Brenda. Just post a link to your work.

  23. invincible pioneer

    Looking forward to having another great gifting book! When giving one of your books with a set of markers and a blank journal a chain reaction results: an art makin’ explosion! Much appreciated as “An Illustrated Life” got me sketching again for myself ( not for a job), and the activity became my most effective mode of meditation!
    Ellen (

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