Looking for travel journals

I am excited about the many travel journals I have already assembled, but am always eager to see new ones. If you have any artists you’d like me to consider for inclusion in my new book, An Illustrated Journey, send me information and links or post them here under comments. I am mainly interested in journals that include both drawing or painting and writing too.  Thanks!


  1. Jane Humphrey

    I don’t know if these would qualify, but I’ve posted a set of my travel journal pages on flickr.


  2. ross gillespie

    Hi Danny, what a fantastic opportunity! When do you need the journals? I am traveling to Thailand in November and would love the chance to be included in your latest venture. I’m a photographer based in Scotland but there are some examples of my illustrstion work in the personal section of my website…even if you don’t think I would be suitable I’d love to hear your thoughts on my work. Kind regards, Ross.

  3. Carol

    Danny, take a look at this site. Marie was a friend of mine and an admirer of yours.


    From that blogspot you can jump to her web site.

  4. Suhita Shirodkar

    I blog my travels both across the world and at home on my site sketchaway.wordpress.com

    here are 2 posts on a trip to varanasi in india:



    I don’t write in my sketchbook anymore just because I do all my writing online on my blog…

  5. Billy


    Molly Hashimoto is my former teacher… her website has extensive samples – beautiful watercolor travel journals are one of her specialties (and she teaches on the subject as well). You might like to contact her directly for specific samples that include both watercolor and writing (her email link is on her website).


  6. Marilyn Rose

    Here is a link to my Venezuela sketchbook


    It was an interesting experience because I was traveling with my cousin who is an American diplomat in Venezuela. The political climate there is not conducive to tourists or taking photos. Journaling was perfect… though many of the vignettes were done in a moving vehicle.

    i started journaling after taking your course at the Open Center a few years ago…. you opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you.

  7. ChrisF

    Well I follow all the wonderful people on Urban Sketchers and I know you know those guys. But I just found this guy: http://www.theartistontheroad.com/?p=2168
    and I can’t remember if you know about Wendy Hale Davis: http://worldbridger52.blogspot.com/

  8. Richard Sheppard

    Hi Danny, Considering how great An Illustrated Life and the rest of your books are, I’m sure An Illustrated Journey will be great too. I would love to be apart of the project. Here are some links to my work:

    My website: http://www.theartistontheroad.com/

    Urban Sketchers: http://bit.ly/j3kvFB

    Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31779383@N07/

  9. Kathleensweetwatergal

    ^Jane has REALLY fabulous journal pages……

  10. Kathleensweetwatergal

    ALSO……’Drawing Breath’ blog by Barbara Weeks is awesome!

  11. Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen

    Hi Danny,
    Below are some links to my blog and flickr stream that have samples of my travel journaling. I actually include my travel journaling into my visual journal to keep it all chronologically in one book.



    Have a great day!!
    Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen

  12. Mariana Santos

    Hi Danny, here are also some of my travel journals’ pages in which I also have written:

    Weekend Away - Vilar

    On The Road

    Bat Jungle

    Dead Insects and Pipes


    hope you like it

  13. Cynthia Morris


    This is so exciting. I love An Illustrated Life and can’t wait to see An Illustrated Journey!

    I fill Moleskine Japanese albums – small accordion notebooks – on my travels. I’d be quite honored to be included in your book.

    Here’s a link to a sampling of them:


    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    Bon voyage,


  14. Steve Reddy

    Hi, Danny. Here’s a link to my flickr page. My trips to Vancouver BC, Acapulco and El Golfo Mexico are in there. The newer pieces are mostly Seattle. I stopped writing on the drawings a couple months ago, so I’d have a little more freedom when compiling my own books. See what you think. Your books were my inspiration to be more prolific. Thanks!



  15. Rowland Jones

    It feels a bit ego-centric to submit my own stuff— as the chance to be involved in however small a way with one of the people who influenced my want to keep an illustrated journal is not to be missed — so here goes anyway,

    I’ve been keeping a journal since 2003 (currently no.39) but I didn’t start drawing until a few years later-and only in the privacy of my journal – so I’m a bit of late starter (I’m 60 next Sunday)

    I moved to Italy in 2007 so every day is part of a travelling adventure. I am a musician so my journal also follows my musical ‘career’ around Italy— for career see Oxford English Dictionary- “to fall headlong our of control” .

    my site http: http://www.reallyaccessiblememory.com is based on my journals – the name RAM comes from my feeling that a Moleskine doesn’t need batteries , and never crashes- and it’s always with me.

    So there are sketches:



    Pictures of my gigs:




    Odd(!) ideas that spring to mind:


    Scribbles, concert tickets, restaurant receipts

    I hope you like it. For over two years, my work has been featured every month in Zuiderlucht- a Dutch arts newspaper and I recently did a series of illustrations for a book of Dutch poetry.

    Hope you like it.

  16. Beth
  17. Melanie

    I’ve been journaling for about a year now, and this last month I went to Ecuador. I made it a goal to complete a journal with my volunteering experiences and exploration of the Galapagos and Ecuador mainland. Wow – recording the trip through notes and drawings allowed me to see so much more than only my camera. Best souvenir I could ever have. I really feel it sharpened my observation skills and my love for my surroundings (wherever they may be).

    Here’s the link to my journal pages on Flickr:


    And here are a few favorite pages:




    Thanks for opening up this community – I’m enjoying looking at everyone’s links that responded to this post!

    • dannygregory

      Beautiful work, Melanie. You are really a story teller!

  18. Joyce Cole

    Hi Danny,
    I’m working on a journal that includes pages I made in Hawaii, and some that I’m making about the trip after returning:


    And this set contains other pages I created on my travels…they are in my regular journals and just appear as they happened:


    They are not full of fancy techniques, but mostly just drawing and painting. I hope you like them!

  19. Nina / Apple-Pine

    Hi Danny;
    Here is a link – more words are in Fiji travelbook and Spain I think :)


    Good luck with both books!
    And thanks – even if you won’t use any of the sketches from this stream – I’ve already learned about a few great travel sketchers!

    • dannygregory

      I like your work, Nina, especially your use of the brush!

  20. Maike

    My friend Max posted a great travel journal on his site:



  21. Kathleensweetwatergal

    How ’bout Lydia Velarde…she has such a funand quirky style…..http://lydiavelarde.com/

    • dannygregory

      Nice work. I didnt see any travel journals though ….

  22. NIkira

    Hi Danny,
    I carry my sketchbook everywhere and here is couple of sets, ink is my favorite media…



    I’ll be waiting for your book, sounds so exiting.

  23. Tim Goss

    Hi Danny:
    I’ve been keeping a travel journal for about 3 years now:



  24. Joyce Cole

    This is journaling on a piece of public art…I treated the whole car as if it were my travel journal on a trip down Route 66. It was just installed today.


    Maybe not anything you’d consider since it is definitely not a book.

    • dannygregory

      I LOVE this! And your journals on paper rock too!

      • joyce

        Thanks so much! I had a blast painting the car. You are the one who got me back into drawing years ago….and it has been a lifesaver sometimes. Thanks for all the inspiration through the last few years through the group and your books.

  25. Line

    Hi Danny: Looking forward to both of your new books. Kolby Kirk keeps one of the best travel journals I’ve seen. He’s been featured in Moleskinerie and Journal Craft Inspirations. No, I’m not his agent – just a fan. He is currently thru-hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail (can’t wait to see the pictures of THOSE journal pages!), so he probably won’t be available until after September or October according to his website. Here’s one of his Flickr sets you might enjoy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kahunna/collections/72157594587631210/
    Cheers! Line

  26. martasart

    This is my travel sketchbook of my travels through the desert southwest and features many of our National Parks. link: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjm2czr8 marta gonzales

  27. Iris Bohn

    Hi Danny,
    you could check out this two german guys: http://www.jenshuebner.de/news.html and http://www.felixscheinberger.de/sketches/?buch=8
    Looking forward to your new book! Best wishes, Iris

  28. Ruca Cao

    Hello Danny,
    I don’t know if you would consider including a dog who keeps an illustrated journal of his travels near and far but I’d be pleased if you’d have a look at my blog.
    I wanted to write to you privately (some top secret stuff that I can’t share with just anyone) but couldn’t find a way to do that.
    Ruca from Portugal

  29. Kathleensweetwatergal

    Hope you don’t me bombarding you w/suggestions….I just have so many I follow…


  30. Dave T.

    I recommend you contact Robert Dvorak (info@globesketcher.com) and ask to review his travel journals. I think you’d find his work worthy of consideration for your book.




  31. Jan

    hello danny,
    love the idea of a travel sketchbook collection! great project, would love to be part of it.
    i´ve uploaded some quick photos here:


    if you like, i can provide new high res versions.

  32. Jan

    can´t seem to find your email adress. where can i send samples to?

  33. Brenda Swenson

    Hi Danny,
    How exciting to see everyone’s work! I have numerous travel journals and keep daily sketch/journals that fill my studio shelves. I would welcome an opportunity to show you my work.



    http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/750232 (book I made of my sketch trip from Prague to Berlin, with Blurb)


  34. Cookie Ballou

    Hi Danny,

    You are an inspiration to us all, and your books are among my most prized possessions. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for so openly sharing your words of encouragement and your dynamic and free-spirited illustrations. Illustrated journaling has become my passion too, because its core—its essence, is the absolute acceptance of one’s personal style for exactly what it is. You taught me that. And to share… I am looking forward to your new book!

    Here is a link to my flickr photostream.



    • ksklein

      Hey, your traveling journal pages are great.

  35. Jean-Christophe Defline

    Hi Danny

    So exciting to learn a new book is coming – even though it seems we are still months away from the release :( .
    I don’t know exactly what kind of artwork you’re looking for. Just in case, here is a link to a few pages of my travel book in Sri Lanka last year. I doubt my awkward work may qualify, all the more the writing is in french, but who knows.


    By the way, your books helped me organizing so that i can find some time for my drawing passion. And The illustrated Life was such a source of inspiration. thanks for this
    Can’t wait for your next book !!!



  36. april y

    Hi Danny, I just moved to a new city (Singapore) in June and had started a drawing journal for it. I’ve posted some of the pages here: http://www.leafbear.com/projects/

  37. Andrea Joseph

    Hey Danny,
    here is the link to my travel journal. It’s travel journalling with a bit of a difference. I have made all the drawings when I’ve got back home, from my various trips, drawing all the souvenirs I brought back with me (from sugar sachets from the USA to fridge magnets from Amsterdam);


    Cheers! Andrea.

  38. ksklein

    A few of my travel journal drawing pages:


    Kottel - Wailing Wall - Jerusalem

    Jerusalem 2:

    Grand Court Hotel Jerusalem


    Thorbecke Hotel Amsterdam

  39. Brenda Swenson

    Hey Danny,

    Love the idea! Sounds like a treasure of a book!



  40. Jessica Herman Goodson

    Hi Danny,
    I’m thrilled to hear about your new book, which happens to combine two of my loves. I have included a link to pages from my Greece travel journal as well as to my blog. Thanks for taking a look!



  41. Jessica Herman Goodson

    I’m thrilled to hear about your new book, which happens to combine two of my loves. I have included a link to pages from my Greece travel journal as well as to my blog. Thanks for taking a look!



  42. Earnest Ward

    Hi Danny,

    Since you specified travel journals combining sketches and text I’m sending the following for your consideration. Hope you find them of interest.

    Our move from Texas to Maryland (with calligraphy & illuminations) http://web.mac.com/evwardjr2005/Site/Calligraphy.html

    The Clear Fork, Adventures on a Small Stream (2011 Sketchbook Project) http://web.me.com/evwardjr2005/Drawn_To_Nature/Sketchbook_Project.html

    Select journal entries from our 2-month Magical Mystery Adventure in Europe (click on individual countries in the menu bar) http://web.mac.com/evwardjr2005/Site/Earnest_Ward.html

    Select journal entries and stand-alone sketches from my spring 2011 North Cascades National Park A-i-R residency (I’m headed back as fall A-i-R in late Sept.) http://web.me.com/evwardjr2005/NCNP/North_Cascades_NP.html

    All the best,

  43. Steve Loya

    Hi Danny,

    Here are some links to some drawings I made in sketchbooks while traveling both locally and far from home. I can make higher quality scans if you’re interested in anything. Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to your new book!

    moleskine book 2, page 73

    moleskine book 2, page 74

    moleskine book 2, page 81

    moleskine book 2, page 78

    Moleskine book 5, page 63

    Moleskine book 5, page 72



  44. Jessica Herman Goodson

    Hey Danny,
    I have one more set of pictures to share. The drawings are from various excursions, be they close to home or out of town. Thanks!
    Jessica Herman Goodson


  45. Sandy

    Danny, Your travel journals are at the top of my favorite , and I also love Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) and Tommy Kane and others listed here. Personally I have to also list
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/93526285@N00/ (Sketchalina) she has some fabulous travel journals and text to include us all. Gay is another favorite traveling the california coast primarily


    And you must know Liz Steel (australia)
    http://www.lizsteel.com/ she travels a ton and her architect’s background brings a solidness to her sketches I love. this list is awesome and if a “keeping an illustrated travel journal” is something the world Needs!
    I sure wish my travel journals could be contenders! I’m trying!
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/58482042@N00/ check out his Italy journals, there are a few that still blow my mind.

  46. Steve Reddy

    Hi Danny,

    These are less travel journals, than “preparing for travel” journals. I am going to China for a year to teach. I read Dave Bruno’s book, the 100 Thing Challenge, and rather than put things in storage, I decided to give it all up. These sketchbook pages chronicle my efforts to get rid of my possessions.


    • dannygregory

      What a fantastic idea. I should follow your example!

  47. Iris Bohn

    Dear Danny,

    Rainer Ullrich calls himself expedition painter and ist actually giving lessons in how to combine drawings and writings when traveling.


  48. Richard (Rick) Conroy

    Hi Danny…
    You might find my travel journals and paintings of interest… May your new project be as interesting as the “Illustrated Life” treasure I own and share with my students.

  49. Richard (Rick) Conroy

    Hi Danny…
    You might find my travel journals and paintings of interest… May your new project be as interesting as the “Illustrated Life” treasure I own and share with my students.


  50. Kay

    I took a watercolor travel journaling workshop from Scottsdale Artists’ School. The instructor was Lew Lehrman. His travel journals from abroad are amazing. I think he would be a great person to consider including in your new book. You should check out his work. Thanks, Kay


  51. maria trujillo

    Hi Danny,
    I started keeping travel journals around two years ago…I am not an artist but enjoy making art journals, I have been keeping them since 2001. You can have a look at my travel journal pages here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmtrujilloa/sets/72157626194916877/

  52. Lewis Barrett Lehrman

    I’ve been travel journaling since 1978, and have been teaching classes and workshops at The Scottsdale Artists’ School and elsewhere since around 1992. During these years, I have produced 18 journals of trips including Europe, Israel (2), China, Vietnam (workshop) Peru, Spain, Thailand (3) Tuscany and Venice (workshop)You can see some of my pages at http://www.LewisBLehrman.com/journals.htm. Would like to participate.

  53. Don Low

    Hi Danny,
    Thanks for doing this. Here’s mine travel sketches and journals:


    Don Low

  54. Diana Giffin

    I have your books to thank for helping me loosen my style, Danny. Looking forward to all your new books. Here is a journal I made and sketched in while in Maine:



  55. Colleen Pope

    I’m not sure if this is what you might be looking for, or if this link has enough information…
    I spent some time in Israel 2 years ago and kept a watercolor travel journal while there. Many from our tour group pleaded with me to make copies…this journal was the result of their requests. Thank you for your consideration, Danny. I enjoy your work.

  56. Richard (Rick) Conroy

    Hi Danny…
    Two comments I wish to share… The first, I loved your “An Illustrated Life” book. I use it in my illustration and design courses to inspire students to sketch every day. The second comment… I hope you plan to use the submissions from the artists that are offering their travel s journals in a new book because if you do, I’ll certainly add it to my library.

    Here is my URL to my travel journals http://artfulescapades.com

    I am currently planning a diving and sketching trip to south east Asia and you can bet the first items packed will be my journaling goodies…

    All the best, Rick…

  57. Monika Baum

    I just came back from a little trip, inspired by this blog post to do as much sketching as possible. It was fantastic and enriched those few days of vacation – thanks :-)

  58. Diana Giffin

    Your books inspired me to a more loose and much more enjoyable way of sketching, Danny. Here is a journal I made for a trip to Maine:


  59. M. Luisa

    Hi Danny, I just discovered recently your work. I live in Barcelona and am just a beginner with journaling. I very much admire your stuff, I ordered two of your books and can’t wait to receive them. Maybe you’d be interested in the work of a friend and colleague architect living between Chile-Belgium. He is a very talented sketcher, check him out;

    Mariana, Brazil - 1986

  60. steve loya

    Hi again Danny,

    Here’s a link to the sketchbook works of a man who calls himself “Uncle Bob”. He travels, though more or less in a local sense, and does a fine job recording his journeys.:


    Take care!, Steve

  61. Susan Dorf

    Hi Danny-
    This is exciting! Here is a link to my website. Click on the Art Journals heading to see some of my journal pages, including travels to Mexico and France. Thanks!

  62. Susan Dorf

    Hi Danny,
    This is exciting! Please check out my journal pages on my website at http://www.susandorf.com
    Click on the Art journal link to see some of my pages from Mexico and France.
    Susan Dorf

  63. Judy Schroeder

    I have several travel journals. How may I post some images to see it they might be what you are looking for?

    Judy Schroeder

  64. wendy hale davis

    Here’s a link to some pages on Flickr from my 2002 journal that started with my trip to Oaxaca. http://www.flickr.com/photos/66128845@N05/
    Roz S. told me you were interested in travel journals. There are 32 pages of travel stuff with another page of photos from the trip a bit later on. You can see the cover of the journal, Pocomas, on my website: http://home.earthlink.net/~worldbridger/id19.html plus some more images from it.


  65. Addy

    Dunno if you’re still looking, but I do all of that and then some in mine. I’m over at hellsmedic.wordpress.com and all my journal pages can be found here: http://hellsmedic.weebly.com/embodiment.html .

    If I am too late, no harm, no foul! Look forward to seeing more of your work. <3

  66. Anna Maria

    I don’t make travel journals, but I love those of Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA http://dispatchfromla.typepad.com/dispatch_from_la/

  67. tiera

    This woman’s sketches combine daily interactions, conversations, and historical information about the places she visits along with beautiful watercolor sketches which she creates on location. Here is a link to one of her books (so you can preview her sketches through Amazon’s Reader), a link to a video she made using Sakura Koi Watercolors, and her website:

    Very California Book: http://www.amazon.com/Very-California-Travels-Through-Golden/dp/1565122852/ref=pd_sim_b_3

    Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB-gZhxiyag

    Website: http://dianagessler.com/index.html

    Good luck in your quest :)

  68. Judy Schroeder

    I LOVE seeing all the interest in painting/journals/etc. I teach and most of my blogs are aimed at students and interested others. Many of them address keeping a journal. If you’d like to take a peek, here is the address:

    Watercolor Musings judy_schroeder.blogspot.com

  69. Barbara Brannon

    Hi Danny — I’m excited about your new travel book because I’ve just about worn out The Illustrated Life. Here are two suggestions that you might want to consider. Definitely you want to look at Pete Scully’s work at http://petescully.com. He lives in Davis, California and is from England and travels back and forth. He is very approachable, organizes sketch crawls and has wonderful pen and watercolor drawings. Many are travel related. He just returned from the Lisbon International sketch crawl.

    There’s another one to consider that no one seems to know about except me. Her pages are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/98657307@N00/ and are sometimes travel related. Her Moleskines have a unique look – you’d recognize her work a mile off – and are often intriguing. Most of her pages would have been appropriate in your earlier book, but she does travel sometimes and you might want to consider her. Her name is Kathrin… something – it’s on the site – and she lives in Germany. I wish more people knew about her.

    Those are my two votes. I look forward to the book when it is published – hurry though, I will be waiting! – Barbara

  70. Claudia Rose

    Hello Danny,

    I would love to contribute something as well. Have a lock at my flickr account:


    or my blog:


    Best regards from Germany,

    Claudia Rose

    P.S.: We moved into a new home; therefore, i made a blog pause;-))

    • Claudia Rose

      P.S.: …sorry, I wanted to write. have a “look” at my account…;-))

  71. Jane

    I have really enjoyed painting with Jane LaFazio – a lovely person and an inspiring teacher. She is doing travel journaling in Italy and the south of France next year also. Her website is:


  72. Suzanne

    Hi Danny—
    I’m a little late to the party… I just had twins…can that be my excuse?!? Anyway—here’s a link to my ‘away from home’ sketches. Theres quite a bit there that doesn’t fit…but perhaps some work that does…


  73. Chris Buchholz

    Hey danny!

    I don’t know if you’re still looking for artist danny, but I’d love to be a part! Like others have said, it feels egotistical suggesting myself, but then we all dream of sharing drawings in printed form with the world, so I’m going to do it anyway :)

    but first I’m going to suggest another artist that really inspires me. His name is will freeborn, he’s a scottish artist who works mostly in moleskines. his work can be found here in flickr… http://www.flickr.com/photos/ghostschool/

    You can find my work here… http://www.flickr.com/photos/58482042@N00/
    Here’s some from a journey to italy I took… http://www.flickr.com/photos/58482042@N00/sets/72157606981036922/
    Here’s from travels here in the DR… http://www.flickr.com/photos/58482042@N00/sets/72157622723156035/
    this one is a sketchbook done in 2 days while i visited the beach… http://www.flickr.com/photos/58482042@N00/sets/72157624798492826/
    Here’s from even disney world… http://www.flickr.com/photos/58482042@N00/sets/72157612561963764/

    anyhow, I’m not even sure If you’re still looking for submissions. But either way it’s nice to get in touch with you!

    keep in touch,
    chris buchholz

  74. Ru

    Hi Danny! I’d love to be included in your new book! Please have a look at my New Zealand sketches (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150201747530238.331897.547060237&type=1),
    and quick sketches ( http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150275637955238.353318.547060237&type=1) .
    I backpacked around NZ from april to july this year with stayed in a 1984 car for a month collectively. I kept a moleskine watercolour sketchbook and another for quick sketches and for recording more private thoughts throughout my journey.
    Would love to know what you think. Thanks!

  75. lesliefehling

    I just found a post about your new book, Danny, and am sorry I didn’t know about it sooner. Thought I’d send you some links to my work, hoping it’s not too late to be considered.

    Colorado sketchbook from June 2011, on my blog:


    Lots of other sketches to be found on my blog under the “Watercolors” label.

    I have sketchbooks from Maine and Alaska, but they aren’t gathered online anywhere at this point. Here are a couple of sample pages:

    And soon I’ll be posting pages from a 40 page sketchbook that I kept during a 2-week trip to Ireland in September 2011 – on my Everyday Artist blog (www.lesliefehling.com). Watch for it in a week or so.

    I was recently interviewed on a local TV show about my sketchbooks – you could see samples of them there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO_VYRk2mrU&feature=player_embedded

    Your books have been a huge inspiration to me. Reading An Illustrated Life is what got me started with sketching. Can’t wait for the new book to come out!

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