New stuff

- We finished filming our second drawing movie. This one was a bit more ambitious and may take some time to edit.
– The first draft of my next book is almost done. We’ve had some back and forth on the size of it which has meant redesigning the pages but I am happy with where it has ended up. Though sad in places, it is my favorite book so far and I hope you like it too.
– Jack and I are going on a brief European tour soon. Packing has begun.


  1. Beverley

    Will look forward to seeing the new video when it arrives as well as your new book when it is published. The European Tour sounds interesting, which countries are you going to visit?

  2. Dee

    Your life seems to be following a very healthy direction. I’m pleased. dee

  3. Donna Jeanne Koepp

    Looking forwad to both. Enjoy your travel!!

  4. Emilie

    is your next book the compilations of travel journals book?

  5. Veronique

    I loved your video The Art of Breakfast. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice trip in Europe (I am French and living in Spain). Hope you will enjoy and discover new things. Looking forward to reading your impressions about Europe. All the best

  6. Addy

    Just wanted to swing by and let you know I signed up for following you. I loved all your books and they really inspired me and what I put in my own journals! Thanks so much, and keep up the good work! ^^

  7. Mariana Santos

    Cool, What Countries are you visiting?

  8. Almu

    Yes, I was wondering the same, which countries are you visiting? Spain?

  9. Timaree

    Enjoy your holiday! Will look forward to the movie and book.

  10. Melva Bates

    Loved the video. Hope you enjoy your hols I am British but have lived in the Valencia region of Spain for 23 years. Enjoy Europe

  11. kunstzinnigdagboek

    Wow, Danny…that’s awesome…I welcome you to Europe and wish you the best of times here!
    And that second movie and book…hurray! Something to look forward to!!!

  12. Veronique

    By the way: I discovered Enrique Flores’s work and his sketchbooks thanks to your book An Illustrated Life. And last week I went to an exhibition in Madrid of travel journals from Spanish illustrators and there was Enrique’s work. I had a special thought for you. And I was “proud” for already knowing one of them. Many thanks.

  13. Tina

    Welcome to Scandinavia (Sweden) if you pass by!!

    Looking forward to your next film-

    so grateful!!

  14. gail mccoy

    Just started reading An Illustrated Life 2 hours ago and had to stop and check out this site. Am champing at the bit to start a sketch book. thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Dorothy Dinnigan

    Hello Dan: I have just been introduced to you and your work. Just love the inspiration you provide. Looking forward to the results of your trip to Europe. Have a great time. Dorothy

  16. QuinnCreative

    It’s great to see comments from people around the world, welcoming you wherever you go. It gives me hope. Love the video. Just started chewing through your books, one at a time, measured out so I don’t gorge. If I keep my measured pace, your European vacation will not leave a giant hole in my reading list. Can’t wait to see what you draw while you travel.

  17. eyebeat (@eyebeat)

    I want his eyeglass frames. Care to share the brand and model?

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