1. Laura

    Very cool drawings! Does Jack also have a blog or a website of his own? Greetings from Germany!

  2. Ruca

    Thanks for sharing Jack’s version of the trip with us, as well as yours earlier. It’s fun to see the differences and similarities in style, attitude, perspective, sense of humour. Jack’s self-criticism is entertaining, my favorite line being “weak lines make a weak drawing; boldness spruces shit up”, although I suppose this is more insight than self-criticism.

  3. Tina

    How great he is, your son Jack! And how lucky, to have you as his father!! What a great childhood, to have been inspired to draw in journals- looking at the world- expressing his thought on the lack of mexican food in Paris and other important subjects :) I really enjoyed looking at his expressive art. Thank you so much for sharing your fabolous journaling with us!!!

  4. movingmommy

    Wow I love his work, its great!

  5. Helenlp

    Wonderful! He has obviously learned so much from you, but his own personality shines through his work!

  6. Shelly

    I love Jack’s lines, the bold juxtaposed with the fine lines…so cool! The salty language peppered throughout adds character. Love all the architecture! Jack, you are awesome! What kind of sketchbook did you use, that the sharpie didn’t bleed through the page?

  7. Jane Humphrey

    The tradition of sketching is carried on……..good to see! Thanks for knowing we’d be interested

  8. Barbara Daley

    Thanks for the “look through”….the faces/characters are very cool….feel like I’ve been on the streets of Paris for a few moments!

  9. Christina G. Trevino

    Next: Rome. Please? Great sketching, Jack.

  10. Andie Wieringa

    And here from Rotterdam, Europe, a comment on your drawings…..thank you for been inspierd by you and your dad. I started just drawing on the 17 july…and can’t stop any more.
    Next visit …don’t forget Rotterdam!!! Sorry for my englisch.

  11. AnAis

    WOW!!! What a fantastic work!
    He’s a chip off the old block ;-)

  12. Ari

    So much personality in these pages…so glad Jack was willing to share them. I’d love to see more of his sketchbook!

  13. Katrina Walls

    You guys are an impressive duo! Makes me want to go back to Paris with my family… Thanks for sharing.

  14. Julia

    Love you sketchbook, Jack! How wonderful!

  15. Fran

    Terrific, very talented son you have there! I recently saw a video he made. It featured you eating and sketching breakfast. I think I saw that on Tumbler. Great stuff..the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree :D

  16. wildshehorse

    Jack’s pens MELTED ??!! What was he using, crayons ? ;) LOL! Thanks for sharing Danny, your boy is a chip off the old block, eh ?

    South Africa

  17. dana

    all I can think of is apples and nearby trees. what a talent

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