A new Sketchbook Film: Pencil & Ink

(Sorry for the delayed launch of this post; had some last minute tweaks to do)

Tommy Kane, Jack, and I have just completed production on another in our series of drawing films — this one about NY artist, Justin Klein. It was a long and grueling shoot day, a good 14 hours, and by the end of the shoot, our set was full of bloodied paper, broken furniture, and empty beer cans and whiskey bottles. We all left the set changed for ever.

As I say to myself with each subsequent film, this is the best one yet. It is a bit of a departure from what we have done in the past but I think you’ll agree that it is an interesting extension of our core idea.
I’ll try to post again with some behind-the-scenes details about the production and answer any questions you post here.

Happy New Year!


Filmed with a Canon 7D, edited in Final Cut Pro X.
Music: “Lux Aeterna – Cum Sanctis Tuis” from the Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Color Correction by Lenny Mastrandrea at Nice Shoes.


  1. Roz Stendahl

    Danny, I love it! The split screen stuff is particularly fun to see.

  2. maryanne coppinger

    What a great presentation!! What a talented artist! Glad to share it!

  3. Pat Wagner

    Awesome!!! Both the film and the artist.

  4. Michelle George

    That’s brilliant!!!! Love it!

  5. Jamie Pettit

    That was incredible! I was sad when it was over. Kick ass job

  6. Dee

    For some reason I still can’t get it… It only loads for a short time…maybe too many folks are watching tonight? I’ll try again later..

  7. Cecile

    Yes, the split-screen stuff is gorgeous. And your choice of music excellent. A Sketchbook Film. Feels like the very promising start to something potentially big and beautiful. Thank you for this!

  8. Dee

    Not my cup of tea, but appreciate the effort…

  9. Megan Dana

    Great film. Beautiful draftsmanship. I try to appreciate all forms art, and this young man is truly an artist. I’ve only one tattoo, self inflicted. In 1963, at age 13, I appeared on a local kid’s show in my native SFO with one of our Manx kittens. I was so nervous I stabbed my hand with a lead pencil. The mark it left is still visible today, almost 50 years later.

  10. Eileen


  11. zoraidaortiz

    Fantastic! I like the way we can really appreciate the creative talent of this young man.

  12. Mim

    wonderful film. perfect music. awesome artist.

  13. erma

    Really terrific film!

  14. Jane LaFazio

    man, you guys are so talented. In incredible film. and each of your films have been soo different yet all so incredibly original and excellent. BRAVO!

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