I’m in a new book: The Pulse of Mixed Media

Some three years ago, I taught the one and only class of my career, a 12 week program at the Open Center. I learned a lot and met a number of interesting artists over the weeks. Seth Apter was in my class and I began to visit his sumptuous website, The Altered Page , and to talk with him about drawing and art and the creative process. He interviewed me for his blog and again, the conversation broke new ground for me/
Last year, Seth began work on a book, The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed, and invited me to participate.
Now, I have been a part of a number of books that collected the work of many artists, and generally it’s a simple and painless affair. In fact, while putting together An Illustrated Life and its upcoming sequel, An Illustrated Journey, I found myself in the reverse position of having to badger other artists to join up and then send me pages from their journals and answer my questions. It’s a fair amount of work but one learns so much by shepherding this sort of book.
Anyway, being a part of Seth’s book was more than I initially thought when I signed up. That’s because Seth really demanded that I think a lot about myself and my process in answering his questions, think in ways I’d not been asked to do before, not even by myself. He’s a psychologist and he challenged me to really explain the many things I take for granted in my work, the media I use and the ways I use them, what defines my work and what does not, He asked me questions like “What three words do not describe your artistic style?” and “If you could sell one piece of art to anyone in the world, whom would you want to buy it and why?”
Seth asked these sorts of questions of me and many, many other artists. From what I’ve seen of it, the resulting book is a rich and beautiful tapestry that explores the deepest aspects of the creative process, and provokes and inspires over and again.
The Pulse of Mixed Media will be officially published at the end of this month but apparently it’s in some stores already. You can also get it direct from the publisher.  Meanwhile, Seth is doing all sorts of things on his site to dimensionalize the content, with samples and peeks inside. Seth has promised me that the actual book will be in my hands any day now but my trips to the mailbox have been for naught so far. I hope to share a deeper dive between its covers in the near future.
Meanwhile, if you get a copy, do let me know what you think.


  1. Tam

    I so look forward to seeing it, and to your new book as well!!

  2. Lynn Cohen

    I sit here smiling from ear to ear..as I too am in that book. I feel like the little kid who snunk under the circus tent to get inside to see the big show. But there I am with the likes of Danny Gregory and Seth Apter and 98 other fantastic artists whom I admire and am inspired by. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive as well. I saw your “sneak preview” drawing and it looked awesome!!! This is so exciting!!!!

  3. Liz Fraser

    Had a preview on Amazon and it looks great. Looking forward to seeing more about it on your blog and hoping it wont be long before it makes it’s way to the UK.

  4. Jill

    I have just pre ordered it from Amazon in the uk. So should get it at the end of April, So looking forward to it

  5. Grace

    Your sketches and paintings are fantastic! Congratulations on being included in Seth’s book.

  6. Chris

    I’ve got both of your books on my must-have list!

  7. eb

    I really enjoyed this post,
    I have all of your books – which I share with my 16 year-old son
    loving these questions too…

    thanks so much,
    xox – eb.

  8. I’ve been following Seth’s blog for awhile because I love all the new (to me) artists he introduces, but I’ve also been a follower of yours for awhile and have tried the daily sketching prompts to improve my sketching skills. Love how you make sketching/art accessible. – visiting from Seth’s blog.

  9. Bleubeard and Elizabeth

    It will be fun when the book finally gets to the masses. It is not in my bookstore, yet, but I hope to see it soon. I love your blog. I have had a chance to peruse it a bit, and now I’m off to delve into it full strength!!

  10. Jill Zaheer

    Hi Danny,
    Just read the post on Seth’s blog about you and just love your artwork! So glad we will be able to see more of your work in his book and read your responses to his questions. I read about the poignancy of your life- and some of what you’ve been up to. Look forward to seeing your next book out. You’re so talented! Jill Zaheer ( another Jill commenting)

  11. Carol Weiler

    I am looking forward to both your book and Seth’s!

  12. eric

    I discovered you by Seth’s site. Inspiring blog and website. Love your drawings.

  13. elle

    With every day that Seth shares the artists in this book I better understand what makes one claim the title, artist. You are all an amazing bunch!

  14. alteredbits

    what a wonderful post! i look very forward to seeing your contributions to the book and reading what you’ve shared with seth and his readers. mine isn’t here yet, but hopefully tomorrow!

  15. Kate

    I can’t wait to see the book as well. With people like you in it, I know the pages will be filled of inspiration. Thanks for all that you do!
    Aloha, Kate

  16. Stephanie

    It’s been a delight to meet all the book artists up close…I have loved your books and enjoy your blog!

  17. Darlene K Campbell

    Wow Danny, I love your drawings and I am so intrigued how unfolded laundry can become a beautiful page in one of your art journals. You’re certainly have made me look at things around the house in a different light. Love your core values and I’m sure this is a lot of what feeds your art. Thanks. Congrats on being in Seth’s book.

  18. Seth

    Thanks so much Danny for sharing yourself through my book and through your blog and all your wonderful books. You truly are an inspiration. Great to see you posting again lately as well.

  19. Kim Goodwin

    Hi Danny , Love your work. You make me smile and thats a good thing .
    Congrats to you & Seth and all the other talented artists

  20. Carol

    I’ve found you via Seth, and I can’t stop reading. I can see I’ll be here for ages reading your intelligent and enjoyable posts. Congratulations on your contribution to The Pulse of Mixed Media.

  21. bkisrael

    I love to look at your sketches of scenes from your everyday life. Your art inspires me to start sketching what I see around me. I am thrilled that you are one of the artists included in Seth’s new book. Congrats on your own new book as well!

  22. Lenore Vanden Handel

    I love your books and refer to them often for inspiration. I enjoy seeing how you make the ordinary extraordinary. I just received Seth’s new book and am finding it a fascinating read – like reading a book of secrets.

  23. Mim

    I bought the book immediately and love it, and also feel a connection as I “know” so may people who have work in it. What a great book, great idea – wonderful read

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