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While I try to do my best making every book I’ve published, my next book, A Kiss Before You Go, is the most important one I’ve written — to me. It’s a recollection of the lovely years I spent with Patti and a journal of the months after she died, how Jack and I coped, how it changed and sharpened my view of the world. Because the subject is so dear to my heart, I have worked very hard to make every inch of it as perfect as I can, to fill it with the bright colors Patti loved, to be as scrupulously honest as I can be, to craft it to the highest standards I can muster and to drive my editor a little nuts by insisting on all sorts of things to make it perfect, from the exact dimensions of the book to the bleed trim on the inside of the cover.

The book itself has been in production for months and I am so happy with it; I have okayed the proofs of the pages and have now only to be patient until the first bound copy arrives in my hands. The part that is always the toughest on every book I’ve done — the cover – took months of experimentation and discussion. How to encapsulate this book in a single visual statement that would attract a casual browser and still evoke all of the richness within? And how to make the most of the fact that this is my first book with a dust jacket, making it feel even more real and special.  I made almost thirty different designs; I even dragged in Patti’s old friend Mick Haggerty, one of the great album cover designers of all times, to lob in his ideas.

Simultaneously, I worried over who would be the best person to write the cover blurb, the first review. I finally decided to ask our old pal Moby who loved Patti and who is the sort of sensitive artist whose endorsement would mean so much. He got the book and wrote, “I loved Danny’s wife Patti. And I love this honest, beautiful book.” That’s so simple and nice.

Last weekend, after I dismounted from my horse, I opened a FedEx package and out fell the first proof of the dust jacket. I wrapped it around a book and, for a minute, pretended I had just come across it in my local independent bookstore. One of my favorite features works perfectly —the dustjacket contains a lovely surprise that will only be experienced by people who buy the book. I do hope you like it.

The book will be out this winter — I’ll be talking about it a lot more in the interim. Meanwhile, here is a peek at some of the designs I considered for the cover.


  1. Helenlp

    All the covers are lovely, but I especially like the simplicity of the one you chose. I know it will be a wonderful book, have just now pre-ordered. The hard bit is going to waiting until December when it is due for publication in the UK.

  2. Tina

    Lovely cover! Lovely designs- and what a lovely man you are. Not so many men out there taking the time to do all this. She must have been something extra, for sure! I will wait for the book to arrive!!! Always eager to read and look at everything you make. Cause you´re a great artist, human and father. Inspiring :-)

  3. Lulu Rocka


  4. Lynn Cohen

    I hope all the other possibilities are inside the book as I liked them all. Wishing you many many sales and I imagine that the creating of this book was quite the catharsis for you. I hope it helps in the healing and grief process.

  5. ligeiramentecanhoto

    Amazing as always. Can´t wait to have it in my mailbox. I like the final cover but I love this one: Cheers from Portugal, Rodrigo

  6. Eileen Korponay

    I am ordering it today!

  7. gypsysnail

    I love every one of the covers you drew, so it would have been hard for me to decide on which one but I agree the one you chose is just perfect! It really does capture the whole book, its meaning of the story, and it makes me excited to pick up the book and read through your sketches. I can’t wait til its out there. Keep being you Danny :) we love you

  8. Tracy

    It feels odd to say that I look forward to buying this book, since I sincerely wish you’d never had to write it, but as I’m sure it will bear all the same characeristic honesty and careful, thoughtful considerations that your other books have exhibited, I do look forward to adding this book to all the others on my shelf that you’ve written. For years, I have picked them up again and again and again, always discovering something new. Your gift, Danny…one of them…is your ability to not only discover the ever-present newness in life, whether from the heights of joyful living or the depths of despair, but to share the magic of all of life’s newness with your audience in a way that makes all of us look closer at our own lives. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the world. You may never truly know the full degree to which you have changed the artistic lives of others, and thus the world at large, but then again, perhaps you do. I do indeed look forward to this book.

  9. theartistonetheroad

    Great choice of covers Danny! It’s perfect. I’ve read “Everyday Matters” and it’s prequel “Peanut” and now I’m happy to hear there is a sequel. I’ll be picking up a copy for sure. Congrats Danny!

  10. joyce

    Sometimes simplest is best. It looks beautiful, Danny. I suspect that this is the sort of honest journaling and reflection of a painful time that we don’t often see in print, because it’s so close to the heart. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this book. Hmm.. no preorder option for me when I looked, but I’ll be ordering as soon as it comes out.

  11. sweetwatergal

    Oh Danny. What a labor of love. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m sure it will be full of love and hard lessons learned….?…..

  12. Florence

    I love the striking yet simplistic cover. Just pre-ordered it as well. Looking forward to it.

  13. Eileen

    Danny what a brave thing to do. As one who lost that special person I understand how raw the first year can fell. I am looking forward to your new book and know that like your other books it will be one I save and will read more than once.

  14. annatstudiohyde

    Definitely the right cover design – wishing you every success when it finally goes out there.

  15. Seth

    You made the perfect choice Danny…

  16. Kia

    I know Patti only via your writings, books and sketches and I will look forward to get your book to read about her. A book is a great way to keep her memory alive and share your memories with us. Thank you.

  17. Lenore

    I would love to read this new book. I have read three others and find your writing style pleasant, honest and very inspirational – like we were sitting and chatting over coffee or a beer. Guess I will be pre-ordering too!

  18. Shelly

    I look forward to getting to know Patti through your book. I too, am in a wheelchair and raised my young family. I know first hand what the challenges are in a marriage after one spouse is disabled. I am touched by Patti’s legacy of love that inspired you to create your own legacy of love in return, through this book. ‘Tis beautiful…

  19. Anna Cull

    Another Danny book for my collection – wonderful news. Congratulations. I picked up a copy of ‘The Creative License’ in 2009, a short time after my Mum passed away. My world was in pieces. You and your book helped me to rearrange those pieces and turn them into something positive. I used to believe I couldn’t draw. To quote you: “everyone can do it except those who say they can’t”. I was wrong and you were right. And now I can draw. Thank you.

  20. William Ternay

    You have touched a very special place in the hearts of those of us who have not only lost loved ones, but those of us who were also care-givers, and artists.
    I look forward to reading your book, Danny. Thank you.

  21. jenpedwards

    I can’t wait to have it in my hands, to read it cover to cover and back again, to relish the lovingly rendered paintings and drawings. Thank you for being an inspiration…an overly used word which becomes flimsy and devoid of the meaning I want it to convey. Somehow, the simple french word says it better. Merci!

  22. muriel

    Hello from France! I discovered you last year and loved your drawings straightaway. I already have some of your books and I browse through them so often! I am very pleased to hear your new book will soon be out. I love the cover you chose, so simple and yet so direct! I’m looking forward to having your book in my hands.

  23. Bonnie Schulte

    I have tears, just reading the title. I will be buying your book. I love your true love story, one that does not die..ever. forever in your heart, and never forgotten.

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