1. Nymph Du Pave

    Awesome! Once you have developed the TimCam-SteadyCam I think it will be ready for feature length operations :)

  2. Lynn

    I liked the dogs waddle walking…and your wood floors are very nice too…actually the comic book like beginning was rather cool.

  3. Ann

    Love the weiner dog I like all your vidios

  4. Pam UK

    Ha Ha – Brilliant but you could do with a less wobbly dog! Maybe train Tim to use a skateboard?

  5. Ruca

    That was fun! Looking forward to more from Tim’s perspective.

    I came across this film that is shot with a GoPro. (I think it’s a promo for the GoPro, but it’s still worth the peek.) It shows a dog’s eye view while out at a dog park.. Well, not exactly his eye view, more like his chest’s view. But you get the idea.


  6. Ana Tirolese

    That was completely silly and a whole lot of fun! Thanks.

  7. JaneLaFazio

    timcam. love it. it made me giggle!

  8. sweetwatergal

    Made me giggle, too!! And, THEN, run for the Dramamine!! :/ hahaha

  9. Brady

    Haha, what a great idea! Awesome video

  10. ChrisF

    And Tim is so patient with whatever you ask of him…..
    Danny, are you going to put up some more whole journals soon??

  11. Great! If you put one on the other dog, you could get Over-the-Shoulder shots like a sit-com.

  12. julie

    Ohhhh! This is super. Sweet expression on your precious dog….very patient canine! I am going to show it to my Flair (Papillon) in the morning. I think she will see and appreciate the cameradog!! Like your animated introduction.

  13. gypsysnail

    Lol that is a gorgeous dog you have there Mr Clippy ;) and what a funny experiment but a lot of fun there u had. Hope u have been well :)

  14. annatstudiohyde

    I tried this idea recently with our lurcher as chief camera man, having attached the camera to his collar with one of those flexible three-legged gizmos….complete and utter disaster! lol.

  15. lori

    He’s a great film maker!

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