1. dani (Trinidad)

    Thank you for sharing. She will never be forgotten.

  2. Nikira (@nikiraa)

    Thank you, I think it matters not only for you or your wife’s memory but for all people who live, love, loose, upset or happy to feel connected to the world and other people, to know that it is OK to be themselves. This how I feel, total stranger. I’ll be waiting for your book.

  3. Judy Ford

    I was widowed the first time at 29 and the second at 49 and I am inspired by all your work. Your book will touch many. ❤

  4. Reva Solomon

    Thank you, Danny – I am one of those people you don’t know but I feel like I know you thru your previous books and blog and thru mutual friends like Jane LaFazio etc – I’m so glad you wrote this particular book for/about Patty – having read about her via your posts I now feel like i will be able to get to really know her through your eyes – I hope that there was some healing for you in the process of writing this book and I know that it will be in the hands of many who need to read your words to help them heal from their personal experiences – I look at this book as yet one more act of generosity by you – not only in keeping Patty’s memory alive but reaching out and helping those who will read your words – hoping it’s a big success and thank you for all that you give to all of us – and may Patty’s memory always be a blessing – Reva Solomon

  5. kellykilmer

    Danny, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and viewpoints. I just lost my Dad three weeks ago and I’m having an extremely hard time processing it. Life feels so surreal.

    I’ve always thought that books had the answer or would at least help me to figure out how to think about things in a different direction. I know it will be a while before your book is released but your books have *always* been extremely open, honest and very real. I know what you mean about books like The Year of Magical Thinking but at the same time, I think that if more folks would be open and honest about sharing their experiences that it might help those around them process and understand things better. It might help more people to reach out and heal. We live in a society where we’re given a set number of days to grieve and then we’re expected to move on with our lives. We’re surrounded by a couple of days by family and friends and then we’re left on our own to heal without a guidebook. So much emotion. So many thoughts. It’s nice to know that we’re not alone with these emotions and thoughts. It’s welcoming when people (like you) give so much of themselves and offer us something that in our shared grief (something that at one point, no matter when or how, we all will experience) can identify with.

    I hope that this makes sense. My brain is still rather fuzzy at the moment. All in all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for opening up and sharing your experiences with us. Thank you, Danny.

  6. naturegrl64

    It occurs to me you are breaking new ground with this book – yes, there are books like Joan Didion’s chronicling coping with grief and life after the death of a loved one, but yours will be very different with your sketches and your unique way of dealing with the loss, and how to honor the person you lost and come out the other side. I have “known” Patty from your books and blog and I look forward to learning more about her in your book.

  7. Beverley McKenzie

    I started reading your blog after Patty had died, so I missed most of what was so great about her. You don’t spend as many years together as you both did without each leaving a profound effect upon the other. Patty will live on through you and Jack. I too will be looking forward to reading your book.

  8. Elaine

    Wow. This is amazing of you to do a book about this. It’s very cathartic, I’m sure. Also it is a tribute to your wife, family and marriage. I hope you are doing well, but please know that I learned a lot about Patty from your books and blog, and when she died, it saddened me deeply-even though I never met you guys.

  9. cherylrazmus

    What a beautiful, thoughtful commentary. Thank you once again for sharing your heart. This is what blogging should be about. Connecting to soul to soul.

  10. Laugaut

    I discovered your work very few time ago. I’m one of those many people you don’t know. The words you record came from your heart to my heart.

  11. Rita Cleary

    It is a good thing that you have written about Patty, Danny…and shared the experience. It will very likely support and comfort others who are struggling thru such a scary and difficult time, and it’s also healing for you. I think the title of the book says a lot about how you feel…

  12. ArtL8dy

    The only person’s opinion who matters is Jack. We aren’t total strangers really, more like kindred spirits and I admire your bravery. Art heals and it’s not always meant to be pretty. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Lenore

    Danny, you have already touched so many through your other books and your blog. It is clear from the comments already posted above that you will continue to do so in a way that is deeper and more profound with this loving tribute to your wife. I am also one of the many people you do not know but I enjoy your writing which is so inspiring but also friendly and familiar – like talking with a dear friend over a cup of coffee. Recently I have spoken to a couple of people about Creative License and your other books. My mother even purchased a copy of Creative License for herself. I hope that this new book helps in your healing. Best regards, Lenore Vanden Handel

  14. ChrisF

    Just the bravest thing I can imagine. And a tribute to Patty as well. Bravo!

  15. Jon Webb

    I am a widower also, and I still struggle with it daily. It will be two years in August. To me, it’s like living half-a-life. I look forward to when your book becomes available, and I will certainly buy a copy when it does.

  16. Dee

    I hardly know what to say….I see the grief in your eyes still and hope that when the book comes out and you see how much need there is for others to see that grief being dealt with in a tangible way, that it will somehow lessen the sadness that I still see there. Those of us who are in much the same time zone with our two year old heartache understand what you are saying with a very clear and sharp empathy. I am praying for you and I am not ashamed to say so, for I know where you are and I know we all need spiritual reinforcement. God bless you, and may this book be the means of a breakthrough for you and for those who read it. Thank you for your attempts to be transparent in order to help others and to honor Patty.

  17. Kaisa

    About total strangers. Possibly, in the heart of heart of things, there are no total strangers. Aren’t we all, every one of us, basically the same in our deepest need to be in contact with the world and other souls. We may not know each other personally but we can recognise and know that need. May all living beings be free from suffering and the root of the suffering.

  18. gypsysnail

    Beautiful, I can tell it’s straight from the heart… just wish there was subtitles for the deaf like myself? :(

  19. Sofia

    Danny: You are such a brave and talented man. Thank you very much for sharing with us your impressions, your work, your drawings. I just finished “Everyday matters”. I’ve been “devouring” all your books since I started with The creative license. Thanks again. Love from a Colombian fan.

  20. Robbie K

    Danny, thank you for doing this. The last two years I had two people I care about lose their spouse, one a friend who lost her husband, the other my Uncle who lost his wife. Both were marriages that covered decades. It’s hard to help someone through grief, particularly when you haven’t experienced a similar loss. Joan Didion and Joyce Carol Oates’ books were helpful for my friend but I didn’t think my Uncle would relate to them since they were from the female perspective. I look forward to sharing your book with him.

    PS: Never make excuses or doubt how and what you do in your grief, which it sounds like you are concerned about at the beginning of your video. Like love, it is incredibly personal and not open to outside judgement. In my opinion, anyhow.

  21. Cecile Somers

    Such a wonderful way to sit and express your feelings (“I thought I’d capture how I felt.”) Feelings are so fleeting, and this quiet (beautifully, calmly framed) filming of the verbal expression of your feelings has something zen-like about it. You sit and let the feelings come and that’s it. Very powerful. Can’t wait to buy the book and read it. Much love from Europe, Cecile

  22. Pauline Leger

    Beautiful, heartfelt, honest.
    Patti sounds like one of those people who move you from the inside out.
    Kinda like you.
    Thank you for sharing this Danny. xoxo

  23. Nikita

    Tears in my eyes and … speechless.

    Thank you for sharing this…with strangers like me


  24. Seth

    Thanks Danny for once again sharing yourself here. You aways move me.

  25. AnAis

    Unforgettable tribute to your wife….
    She loves it, I’m sure.

    Thanks for sharing, Danny

  26. Jane LaFazio

    wow. I have always admired your honesty, but now even more so. thank you Danny. By your sharing and opening your heart, it allows/encourages others to do the same. And Patti would be so damn proud of you.

  27. Kelly

    Danny I admire your work…nothing like your loss but I have just had a loss in my life of someone that was very very close to my heart and someone that I thought I would have in my life for a very very long time. Death did not part us which I think makes it harder…in time I know this to shall pass and that I need to right now accept this process. Thank you for sharing your heart and it helps me know that if I open my heart again I may also heal.

  28. Francine

    I’m sorry for your loss. I think you are very brave , you will always be my inspiration. . I look forward to owning my very own copy of your newest book.

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