Lamy replacement nib

I bought Jack a Lamy Safari extra-fine fountain pen. He likes it (though he bought a bunch of refills rather than deal with loading it from a bottle. The ink’s not waterproof but it’s a lot simpler to deal with if you’re not used to ink bottles) but prefers my new super thick and chunky nibbed Safari. I discovered that you can replace the nib on a Safari to a different style. You can buy the whole front end of the pen on the Lamy website for virtually what I paid for the complete pen but on ebay I found a guy selling just the nibs for a lot less. Hopefully, ¬†we’ll get it next week and can make the swap.


  1. Sofia

    Thanks Danny for the information :)

  2. Vicky Williamson

    Safari Lamy nibs are incredibly easy to change out — you can buy just the nibs at
    Jet Pens:

  3. Steve Salik

    Danny, Try the Goulet Pen company at Brian Goulet can meet all your Lamy needs. He stocks most of the nibs for the Safari. He also stocks most of all the Noodlers inks as well.

  4. Lee Kline

    And please do not forget the old tried and true, WATERPROOF, Sharpie thin. I KNOW it’s cheap but I would not think of leaving it out of my kit. As Zsa Zsa Gabor once said of wine, “It does not have to be expensive to be good.”

  5. donna noble

    I love my Safaris and Al-stars. I would love to see what you got when you went on your fountain pen shopping spree!

  6. Don McNulty

    There are a number of you tube videos showing how to change a Lamy nib. I like this method,

  7. Cindy

    I am just interested in your book and have some enquiries. So may I have your Email add?

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