EDM Challenge #3: Purses, Wallets or Bags

I don’t much like bags. I try to carry what I need in my pickets. If I risk looking like a kangaroo with bulging, tumorous trousers, I begrudgingly pick up a backpack or one of the many bags Patti used to sling on her scooter.

This particular bag looks like a dark blue, exploding chicken. It has been hanging, more or less untouched, in Patti’s bathroom for the last 839 days.

I drew it sitting on the cool marble floor, Joe leaning heavily against my side. My composition is a bit lopsided and there are some splashes of ink on the right for some reason but I like what I made. It was easier to draw than it was to haul myself up off the floor.


  1. Ann

    839 days. Oh my. . .

  2. Dee

    Good moning, Danny. Just want you to know that I realize you are going to be “alone at home” now that Jack will be off at college. Starting the challenge list again will be great discipline and distraction for you. I have left things around as reminders of my sweetheart too. Thanks again for continuing to be such a great source of inspiration to all of us.

    • dannygregory

      Yes, I shall soon be rambling around this place alone (but for occasional visits from my girl, Jenny). I’ve already made my last school lunch and will soon miss the days of nagging Jack about his dirty socks abandoned on the living room floor. Time to sublimate loneliness into splatters of ink.

  3. Hannah & Blake Sanders

    Nice texture. Have you ever tried dry point or other intaglio processes? You have a great line quality for it.

    • dannygregory

      I did do a little etching back in high school but that’s the extent of it. I suppose my feeling about printmaking is “what would I do with the prints?” Sketchbooks just go neatly in the cupboard and wait in the dark till I want to look at them again. But I do love looking at engravings and the like so maybe I should give it a whirl.

      • Hannah & Blake Sanders

        Prints are for trading! That’s what I like to do with them. Then I have lots of prints by other artists. We are starting work this fall at a small college in KY if you ever want to come visit and make some prints!

        • dannygregory

          Lovely invitation. I think the work you and Blake are doing looks very exciting,

        • Hannah & Blake Sanders

          Thanks! I like to look at your drawings to get myself drawing more again. It always works.

  4. Nikita

    ” It was easier to draw than it was to haul myself up off the floor.”


  5. Beverley McKenzie

    I love that you are sharing your drawings each day. Yes, when Jack goes off to College, your nest will be empty so this is maybe a good discipline, maybe one I should adopt? I miss the days of springing up off the floor, more a case of shaking the legs and hips back into the right order each time these days! LOL

  6. Barbara Madonald

    Six months after my youngest left home I looked around one day, said damn it, and phoned them both to apologize – seems they weren’t always the ones who made the house a messy pit…..even though that’s where I laid the blame 8-). And as for getting up and down from the floor these days that’s an enterprise that needs to be entirely private as much huffing, puffing and awkward positions are involved – sigh!

    btw you’ve inspired me to give the EDM list a try….just as soon as i stop procrastinating!

  7. ann'sart@studiohyde

    Good one…I like the ink splats, they add to it.

  8. Sandy

    Such Love and respect – on so many levels.

  9. Elaine

    Great, now I can’t get the “Lions and tigers and bears” song out of my head! LOL!

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