EDM Challenge #8: Draw your watch or other piece of jewelry

Walking dogs, ironing, rousing Jack, an early meeting — I had a rushed morning and no time to relax and draw. At lunch, I pulled out a box of Crayolas and a ball point and drew my watch and arm in a notebook.

I used a light touch with the ball point and I could get a lot of variety in its line. Then I laid down a solid skin tone with one crayon. Next I layered a half-dozen different colors on top to create dimension and all the variations of skin. Finally I drew the arm hairs on top of the color, skimming the surface so the wax didn’t gum up the pen.

I have been using the same technique of ink pen and watercolor for a long time and I must say it’s a welcome change to try out different media.

11 thoughts on “EDM Challenge #8: Draw your watch or other piece of jewelry

  1. Lovely sketch! Very timely! We like you just the way you are and I’m sure your Grandpa would too! I look at my mother and my grandmother every day in the mirror! It’s called Life! :-)

  2. Ha ha to the hirsuteness being less of a blessing if you’d been your grandfather’s granddaughter :-) Personally? J’aime beaucoup. Men’s arms ought to be hairy. Great lunch-time sketch. ça donne très envie! C.

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