EDM Challenge #8: Draw your watch or other piece of jewelry

Walking dogs, ironing, rousing Jack, an early meeting — I had a rushed morning and no time to relax and draw. At lunch, I pulled out a box of Crayolas and a ball point and drew my watch and arm in a notebook.

I used a light touch with the ball point and I could get a lot of variety in its line. Then I laid down a solid skin tone with one crayon. Next I layered a half-dozen different colors on top to create dimension and all the variations of skin. Finally I drew the arm hairs on top of the color, skimming the surface so the wax didn’t gum up the pen.

I have been using the same technique of ink pen and watercolor for a long time and I must say it’s a welcome change to try out different media.


  1. saxtonstudio

    Great sketch!

  2. neowatercolour

    Don’t shave your arms – think how boring the drawing would be without such great texture :-) (and it will make them itchy !)

  3. Barb Parker

    you are sooooo funny…i think that’s a nice way to carry your grandfather with you. I might be more sympathetic if you were his grand-daughter.

  4. Rainwater

    Further proof that great work comes from the artist and not the supplies.

  5. Lynn

    Love the drawing…ditto on not shaving! Men are supposed to be hairy. I am married to an ape, I know! LOL

  6. Anthony Zierhut

    Great colors! The blue lines in the shadows are especially nice.

  7. Elsie Hickey Wilson

    Lovely sketch! Very timely! We like you just the way you are and I’m sure your Grandpa would too! I look at my mother and my grandmother every day in the mirror! It’s called Life! :-)

  8. Cris, In Oregon

    I don’t know what is funnier..your comments on your hairy arm or those commenting about it. :) A great sketch BTW..

  9. Cecile Somers

    Ha ha to the hirsuteness being less of a blessing if you’d been your grandfather’s granddaughter :-) Personally? J’aime beaucoup. Men’s arms ought to be hairy. Great lunch-time sketch. ça donne très envie! C.

  10. Sandy

    Fun sketch

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