EDM Challenge #14: Draw what you see in the morning when you get up

I did this painting fairly quickly, first in Dr. Martin’s washes and then added gouache and some white paint to simulate  a bleary, early morning, shallow depth of field. As is my wont, I worked quickly, nay hastily, and then scrawled a note along the bottom with a dip pen in Tiger Yellow watercolor.

For some reason, disaster struck:

The paper decided to turn my lines into spidery muck. Thinking I could repair matters, I tried a different nib and a darker ink. Matters went further down hill. Finally I pulled out my fountain pen and made a irreversibly botched job of it. I even slathered on some white-out to mitigate the damage and … ah, hell, that’s why Photoshop has a cropping tool.


Turn the page, on to the next challenge.


  1. Barb Parker

    that’s really wonderful…i even like the “spidery muck”.

  2. Ana Tirolese

    I absolutely LOVE your morning view. It made my heart happy.

  3. Dee

    There is a tender softness to this….perhaps you should try this more often, drawing through the blur….It’s early enough that I can’t read it through my own blur, so I thought the spidery muck was my own early morning vision… Seriously, that dog’s smile is enough to start the day out right..

  4. neowatercolour

    Its a great morning view, not botched at all, but lots of character and warmth. Very endearing :-)

  5. Liz Adams

    “Quickly, nay hastily” sums up my artwork in a nutshell, too! but that speed gives it such flair and movement, it’s wonderful. And you know the old saying, paint big, frame small….photoshop cropping is the modern day version, I guess!

  6. Ryn

    this is incredible – I think you captured your pooch perfectly and I love how you choose your colors :)

  7. JaneLaFazio

    But who is your companion? Tim or Joe?? wonderful face.

  8. Susan Clark

    I love this, so warm and juicy. And exactly what you expect for first thing in the morning!

  9. Lynn

    I’d say the writing is exactly HOW I SEE in the morning before I put on my glasses. LOL
    Delightful view of sleepy dog. I wonder what you would look like then if he drew you?

  10. Ann

    A botched job? Look at that nose, those eyes. . .luscious, all of it!

  11. Cris, In Oregon

    That’s so dog gone cute. :) Great job. Actually the blurry handwriting seems to fit a blurry morning. :)

  12. Esther Lankhaar

    But I love the dog. So sweet. The blurry handwriting is no issue at all. That sweet dogs makes everything all right.

  13. Jean

    I love everything about this – botched not.

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