EDM #23: Draw your foot

I started with a simple shape in gouache, a bit of Light Ochre and some Zinc White. When it was dried, after 15 minutes or so, I whipped out the old bamboo. I dipped it in India ink and drew a heavy outline, then lightly added some fur bits. FInally I mixed in a little diluted white to add the tendons and highlights and some water-down primary blue to show the blue blood coursing through my veins.

My favorite bit: the overprinted feeling of the ochre next to the undulating black line of the bambo pen.


  1. Denise Bongiovanni

    Haha…fur bits!!

  2. Sarah (Flo)

    great drawing (I also love the overprint look) – but those veins are making me feel a little icky :)

  3. Rainwater

    I have the bamboo pens but I haven’t used them. I going to try this out

  4. Karen Amaden

    My feet, my sleeping dog and my (empty) wine glass are most recurring subjects in my sketchbook! I will definitely add the veins and the ochre overprint to new foot sketch (luckily no visible furry bits – yet!)

  5. Omara

    Is your ankle sooo little?

  6. ann'sart@studiohyde

    Great sketch!…glad you described the technique. We have loads of bamboo in our garden, I’m now wondering if a piece trimmed up would make a pen?!? perhaps I’ll give it a go (-: ◄ left-handed smiley, as I’m left handed – cool aye

  7. Gina

    Love that “overprinted” feeling as well – the “fur” is great as well

  8. Ana Tirolese

    This is wonderful. I really like it a lot.

  9. Darlene Propp

    Your ankle is smaller than mine!

  10. Annette Word

    Danny Gregory, the caption should read, “Comical Foot,” since you drew your foot to look like Bluto’s! Can you do a scratch and sniff page on the computer, too?

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