1. Gina

    They are great!! Really love the sketches – the ribs must have inspired you.

  2. chris

    sounds like a perfect night to me

  3. Elsie Hickey Wilson

    OOOO, Danny! What a great place! Roanoke and ribs! Great guitar sketches! Yum about the ribs! Great variety and personality in the guitars! Now if I had tried making that sketch, the whole page would have had big juicy BBQ fingerprints on it! Hehehehe!

  4. Lynn

    even though I have to lay down on my side to see the details I like what I see. especially the shadows and that you get the shape of these guys so darn perfectly. my guitars always look like some morfed balloons going haywire.

  5. Cris, In Oregon

    Nicely done. I agree with Lynn tho.. I had to lean over to the side to see and read the writing. :)
    Lots of great detail for semi darkness drawing. :)

  6. Jon Webb

    I really like your pen and ink work, especially the textures. I spent some time in Virginia back in 1983. I loved it there!

  7. Stefano

    Amazing sketch! I really love how you rendered all these instruments, even in almost darkness!
    Musical instruments are always good subjects for drawings.

  8. Brian Lapsley

    Love this piece Danny, really dig the shadows behind the guitars. NICE!

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