EDM #17(better late than never): draw a musical instrument

I missed doing this challenge a couple of weeks so, when I saw this wall of guitars in Roanoke, I had to draw them in the semi-darkness as we wolfed down groaning plates of ribs.

8 thoughts on “EDM #17(better late than never): draw a musical instrument

  1. OOOO, Danny! What a great place! Roanoke and ribs! Great guitar sketches! Yum about the ribs! Great variety and personality in the guitars! Now if I had tried making that sketch, the whole page would have had big juicy BBQ fingerprints on it! Hehehehe!

  2. even though I have to lay down on my side to see the details I like what I see. especially the shadows and that you get the shape of these guys so darn perfectly. my guitars always look like some morfed balloons going haywire.

  3. I really like your pen and ink work, especially the textures. I spent some time in Virginia back in 1983. I loved it there!

  4. Amazing sketch! I really love how you rendered all these instruments, even in almost darkness!
    Musical instruments are always good subjects for drawings.

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