EDM #39: Draw your toothbrush

It was so nice to draw in watercolor again to layer and adjust and tweak and blot these vivid, glowing colors. And the proportions of my subject led me back to my watercolor moleskine with its broad horizontal dimensions. If you want to see a masterful use of this shaped page, check out Ian Sidaway‘s blog. He often draws in a wide landscape book ¬†and I learn so much from his compositions.

Ironically, last weekend I was looking through my very well-thumbed, thirty-year-old copy of How to Draw and Paint and realized that many of my favorite pieces in this wonderful book were done by Ian. Cooler still, he’s going to be in my next book “An Illustrated Journey”!


  1. neowatercolour

    Ian Sidaway is one of my all time heroes – looking forward to seeing him in your book,and can’t wait for the book ! and so glad to see you back to watercolours – I think they are really “you”. Love the toothbrush :-)

  2. Lynn Cohen

    Nice toothbrush spread! Thanks for the link and intro (for me) to Ian Sidaway. Wow. Knocked me over with extra fine pencil! He’s great!

  3. Dee

    I am so excited…we share the same toothbrush! Or at least the same brand! If you wish you can see mine at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mizdeesart/7781947426/in/photostream

  4. Ellen

    These colored drawings are really opening up! Very beautiful and dynamic. The change of medium is very exciting. Cannot wait to see what you will do tomorrow…

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