EDM #42: Draw something you are thankful for

I am thankful for my girl, Jenny. And thankful that she’s finally coming home this week.

I am less thankful for:

how hard this watercolor was to do, for overworking it to try to get the likeness right. and for the fact that I made her look dour when she is anything but. Ah well. Maybe I’ll do better when I can draw her from real life again.


  1. Sofia

    Well, the mystery has been revealed. (I was starting to have a crush on you lol)

  2. Dee

    Lovely lady, likeness is in her eyes, and you have caught a thoughtful lady here. So pleased that she is coming home. Will expect to see a brighter view of life from you when she returns.

  3. Dorothy

    She is beautiful!!!! You did an amazing portrait!

  4. lynn cohen

    What a beautiful portrait this is. She looks like sunshine! Enjoy!

  5. LizAdams

    That looks like one great painting to me!

  6. Barb Parker

    wow, that’s really beautiful.

  7. Rainwater

    Well your hard work shows through. I wish I could do portraits that great. This portrait is just brilliant!

  8. Rainwater

    I wanted to ask how long it took you to create?

  9. JaneLaFazio

    it makes me happy that you have “a girl.”

  10. broworkshop sketching

    This is a bold and alive portrait. And there is a lot of “light”in her eyes. What else? :)

  11. artbydegree

    I love how loose and simplistic this portrait appears, although I suspect it was anything but. You have caught an intensity in her eyes. I hope you have had lots of time to catch up.

  12. Jeneveve

    I don’t think she looks dour… reflective, perhaps?

  13. Joan

    I don’t think she looks dour…reflective maybe. Of course, I don’t have a clue what Jenny looks like in person or photo but I’m glad she’s a presence in your life and from what I “read” between the lines, she’s a special presence…hooray for both of you!

  14. Elsie Hickey Wilson

    She’s lovely, Danny! Enjoy her homecoming!

  15. Judy Westwood

    That is a lovely portrait of your Jenny and my good friend and book buddy JJ. We will all be glad to have her back on the RIGHT coast, as in correct or east, not conservative. ;)
    Well done Danny!! xx

  16. Matthias

    Danny, for me she don’t looks dour too…yes reflective I think… you’re lovely daughter…
    I like this portrait.
    Oh and with watercolors, it’s really hard, I know it, because I tried some portraits
    the last time – Gosh! – It’s very hard!
    In the moment I’m trying portraits with gouache and I find it slightly easier…

  17. Jacky Alling

    That is my little sis – and yes, she is beautiful as is this picture!

  18. Joyce

    She’s lovely. This painting is beautiful…love the way you’ve rendered her skin.

  19. Lenny

    She looks great in your watercolor, I have seen that look many a time when she was a toddler, Happy Birthday to her and where should I send the damn card? Love to her from her big and much older brother.

  20. Ann

    Beautiful portrait Danny. If only I could do so well. I will keep trying.

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