Un-EDM Challenge

I have just returned from a busy 48 hours in San Francisco and took along a very small sketchbook, about two inches square, in which I documented my various free moments. Above are some of the pages torn out of the book. Most were drawn in  a minute or two with my Lamy fountain pen (yes, I can take it when I fly as long as I don’t write with it when we are in the air. The pressure might make it explode or drip). The seventh one was interrupted by something or other.

Click on the grid of drawings to open it in a separate window, then click it again to make it bigger.


  1. broworkshop sketching

    They ate fantastic!! And the little time you used to make these tiny stories tells a lot to me.
    Absolutely fantastic!

  2. Richard Sheppard

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in my neck-of-the-woods (close anyway)! I like these small travel sketches. Nice work!

  3. Kim benham

    Deja vu means already seen, in French.
    So isn’t that a double negative to add all over again?
    I guess either or would make sense?
    Every one here says it
    Just seems odd, is all. 😏

    • dannygregory

      It’s a joke.
      A quote from Yogi Berra, the former New York Yankee and coiner of many a bon mot.
      He said many wise things for artists:
      “”You can observe a lot just by watching.”
      “If you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him.”
      “If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.”
      “It ain’t over, till it’s over”

  4. www.ClaudetteMcDermott.com

    Yes charming little snap shots of your time here. My neck of the woods too :) You were just up the road when you were in San Ramon ~ I’m thinking of stopping in on the Black Hawk Shopping Center sometime soon for a sketching session. They have a lovely Man Made stream in the center of their outdoor mall.

  5. Susan Brubaker Knapp

    Explode?!? You’ve had personal experience with this?

  6. Lee Kline

    Excellent record of your trip. Love the images.

  7. Rainwater

    That’s cool! I make sketchbooks out of what ever paper I can find and make the cover from scrap card stock. I carry these little books in my back pocket and make gesture drawings or do more involved work. I make them from 2″ x3″ to 3×5 size with 16 to 70 pages. I have built up a collection in the last several years.

  8. Rainwater

    I even use post-its since they always seem to be readily available. I copied a Rembrandt sketch on one of the smallest post-its and keep all of them at my desk like a mini art museum.

  9. pollywPolly

    Too bad about the H2O.

  10. Suhita Shirodkar

    Hope you enjoyed the west coast on your short, short trip!

  11. Matthias

    This are very inspiring little sketches. What a great idea and how instructional it is, just to draw spontanous different situations – great!

  12. Donna Naes

    I love the little pieces, way too often folks think art has to be some great big image when the important times in life are the little things that happen during our day & ‘documented’ in our sketches that allow the thoughts to linger long after the moment has passed, and pop into the forefront of our thoughts when we take a look later in time. Thanks for reminding me!

  13. Gina

    These little sketches are just wonderful – just some moments in time captured with your pen!

  14. lynn cohen

    I just happened to do a “cartoon” like couple of pages of drawings where I usually do a whole page and found it great fun! I too like to draw at the airport. I nearly missed my flight last time I got so into drawing…didn’t realize “my group” had already boarded! These are fun. And you were in my neck of the woods (an hr away) too…am going to SF today to a folk festival and taking my big art pad! Hope I see a segul. Thanks for sharing all that you do with us. I go away so inspired!

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