EDM #43: Draw something china or ceramic

A little macabre, I know.

My approach to glass and ceramics is to pay close attention to highlights and refections. I also wanted to capture the difference in texture between the velvet lining and the glass of the eye.  I painted the box with watercolors, using ochre and grey with a little bit of white gouache, then let it dry, and did the eyeball all in gouache. Oh, and I didn’t do any actual drawing, just used two sable brushes, #7 & 4.

Here’s looking at you, kid.


  1. lynn cohen

    Very impressive work just done with brushes! The eyes have it!

  2. Gina

    Amazing that it was done only with brushes! My 7 yo grandson would love the glass eye!

  3. Serena

    Kinda creepy…I’d always feel like it was looking at me. lol A great sketch! ;)

  4. Dee

    The texture is excellent. The lining of the lid box has the look of old silk. The eyeball isn’t bad either.;) Thanks for the always awesome things you share.

  5. broworkshop sketching

    So good this time! Wow.
    I also your very creative way to cope the EDM challenges: it’s always something “out of the path” and I love it!

    • dannygregory

      Unfortunately, I do spend a lot of time in the weeds. But thanks for noticing.

  6. Darlene K Campbell

    Love your story about the eyeball. I would’ve been looking to see which one, too. Great painting.

  7. Joan

    Macabre? How about downright creepy? But the artwork is SO good.

  8. Mary Walker

    When I visualized something china or ceramic I certainly was not expecting this. What a twist of events this has been.

  9. Pauline Leger

    HAHAHA!! That was hilarious. The painting, as usual, is fabulous. xox

  10. Paula Knight

    Lovely work! I’m supposed to getting my partner a glass eye on eBay, but he wants a vintage hand-glass-blown one.

  11. celestealexander

    Fantastic! :)

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