I am taking a brief break from my string of daily attempts at the EDM challenges. I am rather busy at work these days and in the home stretch of being a dad before Jack starts at RISD in a week or so. I shall be back to draw again very soon and hope my example doesn’t deter you from drawing as often as possible.


  1. Sharon Furner

    Good for you. I love it when we know our priorities and act upon them. Enjoy these last precious days with your son. You will never regret it.

  2. susan

    God speed.

  3. Rainwater

    Now I’ll be able to catch up and maybe work ahead some.

  4. lynn cohen

    I draw every day…unless something really IMPORTANT gets in the way, but that hardly ever happens. Not much is MORE IMPORTANT than drawing. LOL enjoy your break. And treasure your time with Jack! I know that you do. You will be missed.

  5. Zoya

    Enjoy your time with your son still being at home.
    I hope you’ll come back to doing EDM challenges as I’m enjoying seeing what you create and reading about how you do it.

  6. Linda Kelly

    Glad you’re taking some time for yourself and for Jack. Sending a child off to college is bittersweet.

  7. Nicky G

    Thanks for catching us up- I find life is constantly intervening-which is a big part of the fun!

  8. Donna Naes

    Being a parent is the most important job in the world. Know that we (or most of us) support your choice in taking a bit of a break, however we will miss seeing your posts. Your work always inspires me. Hope you stay in touch by taking a bit of time just to look – see what everyone is doing. Can’t wait til your new books are in the stores. Have a wonderful day! I will certainly be thinking about you as I continue my daily challenges.

  9. Molly Vollmer

    I have to laugh at the idea of a “homestretch” of being a dad. Once a parent, always a parent. If your 100 and the child is 80 you’re still dad. Enjoy the break.

  10. broworkshop sketching

    I will be soon a parent, hopefully, of a healthy baby boy, so I can understand your feelings very well. Iwill be redeployed soon and I just hope to come back for the baby due date…

  11. Rosie

    Thats funny Molly, its about right too! always in there, loving and mentoring and a bit of a backstop to all sorts of things… Good luck with it all Danny, it is an intense time, bittersweet and almost in sepia, but of course there is more to come! Enjoy each moment of it.

    thinking of you both
    go well

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