First sighting

My pal Jane LaFazio just sent me a surprising picture. It seems she has managed to purchase the first copy of my new book somewhere! She is traveling so I don’t know the details but here’s the evidence:

BTW if you get a copy of the book, do let me know what you think. And if you can be bothered, please leave a review on Amazon. Thanks so much!

Another email from Jane: ” Well it is in Paris! I’ve any just flipped through and it looks amazing, beautiful, powerful and tear inducing. As soon as I read it, I’ll let you know. After all, dear heart, I am in Paris. Xo Jane”


  1. jeni

    Could I please have the title of the new book?
    Thank you

  2. Lynn Cohen

    How exciting to see your book purchased!!!! It’s OUT THERE!!!! Looking forward to seeing it myself!

  3. Darlene K Campbell


  4. Kathy Nieder MD (@docnieder)

    She’s in Paris. At Shakespeare and Co.

  5. Linda Kaech

    “Shakespeare and Company”, is an old famous bookstore in Paris. Looks like Jane is there…but did she buy your book there??

  6. visualflaneur

    I have the suspicion that might be in Paris…

  7. Ro Nelson

    I do believe Paris would be a good guess! thanks for the info, am looking forward to reading it!

  8. Elaine

    Awesome! I have been looking for it here in Arizona. They don’t have as nice a selection of books in this state as they do in CT and MA states.


    Yes definitely Paris – I’ve been to that book shop!
    Looking forward to getting the book too.

  10. nancyvoak

    Look at the board at the left hand side of the photo, it mentions Paris. I just have to go off and see where this book is…. before I do anything else :)

  11. Linda Kelly

    If Jane’s in Paris, I’m going THERE to find the book! Congrats, Danny!

  12. Suzanne Cross

    Definitely Paris! Watching Amazon for it.

  13. Beth Hammergren

    I ordered a copy quite a while ago from Amazon. Hope it comes soon.

  14. Kate (Cathy Johnson)

    Can’t wait to see it!

  15. Andrea thompson

    I agree, can’t wait to see the book here in the US.

    I also wanted to share this video with you if you have a chance to watch it. it’s my third that i have made since being inspired by your videos. Not as good as yours and i couldn’t manage the camera as well as i don’t have a tripod yet, but it was fun to make. Thank you for the inspiration to make them!

  16. Stefano

    Lucky woman! I was there in that library in Paris, because my wife know it well! It’s a fantastic library and one of the most famous in Paris.
    The new book from you… Yummy!!

  17. Seth

    Really looking forward to reading this one Danny. In fact, I will be posting about it on my blog this week in a list of upcoming book must-haves.

  18. Clarity Artists

    Well, of course, look she’s in front of Shakespeare and Company.
    Great find matched by a great location.

    • Susan P Martin

      I bought my copy at Shakespeare in Paris a couple of days ago and have already read it twice!! Loved it. Took a picture but don’t know how to send it along.

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