An Illustrated Journey continues down the road.

While copies of A KIss Before You Go are being loaded into warehouses, work continues on my next book, An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers, the sequel to An Illustrated Life.

I just did the lettering for the cover (you’ll notice on Amazon that they uploaded the art for the cover before including my handlettering — that’ll be fixed soon) and the design for the interior continues. It’ll be a lavish book with work from forty of my favorite artists and will be out at the end of February, next year.

I’ll talk about it more in the months ahead but meanwhile you can see some of the art work from the book on my Pinterest page.


  1. Bink Cook

    Love the cover! Look forward to seeing the inside.

  2. Yannick

    I can barely wait for the new book. An Illustrated Life is a treasure trove I keep on going back to for inspiration. Thank you, Danny, I am very much looking forward to 2013!

  3. Seth

    Already looking forward to this one. And if the Pinterest page is an example, the work in this book is clearly sensational.

  4. Roz Stendahl

    Danny, the cover looks great. It’s really fun to see a photo of all your handlettered titles.

  5. maryo29

    Oh my! Another one I’ll be anxiously awaiting, Danny! Thanks for the Pinterest page…so many artists I’m familiar with already, and so many more I can’t wait to get to know! Excuse the exclamation marks, but this is exciting!!!

  6. Paula Seixas

    Waiting waiting! Fascinating, Danny

  7. broworkshop sketching

    Good news!!
    And also this one is another must have for me!!
    Great Danny!

  8. Brenda Swenson

    My travel journals have always been a great source of pleasure and joy. I can’t express how fortunate I feel to be included in this book. The mere fact that you like my work enough to include it… made my day, no my year!
    Thank you!

  9. monbaum

    Cant wait for this book!

  10. Cris, Artist In Oregon

    I have to admit that a cover usually sells a book for me,and yours just sold this one sight unseen of the inside. Looks like it will be fabulous.

  11. Donna Naes

    I can’t wait, it’s that simple! I read (many times) “An Illustrated Life” with a magnifying glass so I could see ALL the journaling, and have told stories in my classes about it. I’m sure this one will be magnificent as well.

  12. Darlene K Campbell

    Happy February to me when I get to hold this book. Congrats on another wonderful book from you…the Pinterest page was so cool.
    Hey, have you been to Paris? I was on Marcus McAllister’s FB page (an American artist who lives in Paris) and he has a photo posted of one of his shows…some people standing at a table looking at his sketchbooks. Take a peek if you will because I think your twin is in this photo….let us know if it is you.

  13. Lenore

    Ooooh – I can’t wait! I don’t even want to peak until it is out.

  14. Molly

    Just pre-ordered… Can’t wait!

  15. MM

    Danny, are you going to release a set of podcasts like you did with the release of An Illustrated Life? For those of you who had that book and didn’t hear the podcasts, you missed out on an in-depth look into the minds of the artists that simply couldn’t be fit onto the pages.

    PODCAST An Illustrated Journey!

  16. Gabriela Sampson

    Hi Danny, your books keep me very good company all through the house…one book is on the bedside cabinet, another one on the desk in my art room, another one in the livingroom….I am very happy you are creating a new wonder-full book! Such good news…do not stop…

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