1. Linda Kelly

    Congratulations, Danny! What a wonderful relection on your book! I am so looking forward to reading it!

  2. Brenda Swenson

    I pre-ordered my copy long ago. I feel like a little kid waiting for it to arrive…I cant wait!

  3. Chris

    Oh…what a nice review! Many more I hope.

  4. judyrobbinsart

    That is so nice to see a positive and enthusiastic review and I am sure very well-deserved.

  5. Julie (O-kami)

    Great review – now I have to go order my copy.

  6. broworkshop sketching

    That’s fantastic Danny. I’m looking forward to have my copy.

  7. Megan Sloan

    I just found out about your books and I am looking forward to them to arrive at my house. I recently lost my brother to cancer and am looking forward to your newest book. It looks beautiful from the sneak peeks I’ve seen online (through Amazon, where I pre-ordered it). I’m now wanting to see the rest of your work. I’m an art teacher and would love to use some of the work to show my students!

  8. Marie Lyon

    Danny, I have most of your books and have given them to fellow artists as gifts. I have just ordered your latest from Amazon and hope the mailman can make it snappy. Thanks a bunch.

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