Giving Thanks

I recently told you about some of the commercials I’ve been making. Here’s the first one. It will only run for the next two or three days in the US starting tomorrow. If you have the TV on while you eat your turkey, you’ll be hard-pressed to miss.

It was shot by Jeff Preiss of Epoch films, edited by Charlie Johnston at Lost Planet, scored by Mark Isham and produced by Drew Lippman.


  1. Lynn Cohen

    It moved me! Happy Thanksgiving Danny!

  2. Dorothy Dinnigan

    Thank you, I found the commercial heartwarming and hopeful. God Bless America

  3. Christina Lopp

    I am crying. It is so lovely, Danny. Thanks for helping create something that tells a story about America that is so connecting.

  4. Ana Tirolese

    it is beautiful! Well done.

  5. Brenda Swenson

    In a time when the dollar is tight and often peoples patience is short…we have much to be thankful for. Beautifully composed images and touching,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones,

  6. tryityoumightlikeit

    So lovely! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. caymayowrites

    Breathtaking in its simplicity and beauty.

  8. Linda Kelly

    What a lovely commercial, Danny! Congratulations, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. paula seixas

    love it! happy turkey day!!!

  10. Kay

    What a breathe of fresh air after months of negativity in all the political ads. Nice to see something positive and uplifting. Thank you for your wonderful insights and talent. I always enjoy reading your blog, your books, and everything you so willingly share with us. Happy Thanksgiving, Danny.

    • Kay

      Geesh, I meant breath of fresh air. My IPad has a life of its own. LOL

  11. judyrobbinsart

    We are a strong and creative people and never give up. Thanks for sharing your creativity and best of Thanksgivings to you.

  12. Elsie Hickey Wilson

    Absolutely lovely, Danny!
    I have much to be thankful for, too. One of those is you and how you have given of so much of yourself to us, shared with us, and helped us see the beauty in the very near at hand. Thank you!

  13. Yossi Jackson

    American exceptionalism. Oh dear. You’re better than this Danny.

    • Bill Jefferson

      It’s an Ad, Yossi!

      • Yossi Jackson

        You thought I didn’t know that? And what is it selling? By the way, who exactly are you guys thanking?

        • Brent

          What is it selling? It is selling the idea of a large corporate bank giving a crap about everyday people, history, and traditions, rather than profits. It is selling the idea that this country is somehow still on top, fair, honest, and that there is a level playing field for all. Tough sell.

          It speaks to Danny’s film-making talent, as well as that of his team, that so many people are positively touched by this ad, rather than cynical at the idea of this bank caring anything about this country’s citizens.

          We all to have to make a living. I don’t fault Danny for doing projects like this. It certainly is a very well made commercial. But I damn sure don’t have to blubber into a hanky and call up grandma after watching.

          Don’t kill me Danny. I still love your books!

  14. Ann

    Made me remember what America is truly about. Thanks Danny. You started my Thanksgiving mornig out wonderfully.

  15. Cecile Somers

    Good storytelling, great tempo, mesmerizing. This is what we think of when we sigh “America.” (at least I do, on this day of Saint Cecilia, and the 49th anniversary of JFK’s death. America, je vous aime. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  16. sus

    Really well done. Makes me remember how lucky we are and how much we have to be grateful for.

  17. Kristin L

    Thank you for including a service member coming home.

  18. Jim Bumgarner

    Saw it way out here in Washington state! Lovely message and so very well produced!!

  19. AMSelvaggio

    Beautifully well done Danny, it’s like sitting at a table with friends in warm firelight. I love everything about it. Thank you for sharing this.

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