The Oprah bookclub has just published the list of her reccos for best memoirs.

And a Kiss B4U Go is the cover pick! (alongside other amazing authors like RIchard Russo and Jeannette Winterson…)

Wow! Happy New Year!

P.S. A favor:  There’s a really nice review of the book and I’m sure it would be helpful if people who come up on it knew others had read it too, so please, feel free to comment on it too and share your experience of the book. The more the merrier!



  1. Michael

    Wow, Danny… what a well-deserved honor. Congratulations!!!

  2. Susan Clark

    Congratulations! Just got the book from Barnes & Noble and I’m anxious to enjoy the pages.

  3. Susan Lyons

    Congratulations!! That is big!

  4. nmpatterson@wildblue.net

    Congrats Danny!! I agree with Michael!! Your book was on my Xmas wish list and my dear hubby bought it for me…I love it so far….can soooo tell it’s from your heart…the deepest parts. Thank you for sharing it with the world!!

  5. Darlene K Campbell

    I’m not surprised. Very happy for you. Congratulations!

  6. Dollinha

    Wow, Danny, that is fabulous! How exciting!

    Your sales are going to go through the roof. It is well deserved. I love my copy and have recommended it to several people. We’ll be reading it for my online book club (no where in the same universe as Oprah’s Book Club).


    • dannygregory

      Ooh, Ana, do let me know when your book club takes it on. I’d love to hear what they think of it.

  7. Elsie Hickey Wilson

    Happy New Year, Danny! This honor just shows that you speak to a deep need in all of us to quietly look upon what happens in our lives, be it gains or th deep loss of a loved one. Our society is way too quick to urge us to bury our griefs and “get on with it” rather than honoring our loss and respecting its place in our lives. Thank you for the lessons you have allowed us to learn with you.

  8. Marcie

    OMG I can’t imagine what that must feel like – well done and very rightly deserved. I want to say lots more and can’t and all I am doing is commenting on a blog!! What you managed to say, how you said it, what you said it about and when you said it make it so life changingly incredible. well done x x

  9. Brenda Swenson

    Congratulations! I wrote a review on the sight. It is tough to find enough words to sing your praises. I am tickled for the recognition you are receiving.

  10. Cant get much bigger and better than Ms O’s blessings. Danny, I could not be prouder !

  11. Suzanne Cabrera

    Big congrats Danny! What an incredible honor for you, and an outstanding tribute to Patti. Just think of the people her life will reach.

  12. Lynn Cohen

    Well deserved! Bravo, now that’s what I call “making it!”

  13. Dorothy Dinnigan

    Good News. More of the best for you in the New Year.

  14. Linda Kelly

    I’m so happy for you! It just goes to show there’s really room out there for heartfelt, real, life affirming writing. Congratulations, Danny!

  15. Elsbeth McLeod

    Yay!!!! Danny that is wonderful!!! It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy! You so inspire me to publish.

  16. Serena Mira Asta

    Oh, fabulous! I’m so happy for you. Like many here, you inspire me in large and small ways. Congratulations.

  17. Gina

    That is such wonderful news! Congratulations

  18. Cindee Dean Pelton

    Danny, this news sent me racing to the dictionary to find words that describe your gift to all of us and they just simply don’t seem to be there….I am over the top happy for you!!!! As you know you changed my life and there is not a day that I do not share your books with everyone/anyone! Jen gave me the watercolors you recommended and I am a painting fool. Most resemble elementary art work but I feel there is a “Monet” in there somewhere! And now OPRAH! You make my heart sing and my soul full of hope. Happy New Year !!

  19. Darlene Propp

    That is SO wonderful! How exciting!

  20. Mary Walker

    We always knew you were a great writer if it takes Oprah for you to see it then so be it. Now you know.

  21. Stephanie

    Hi, Danny–Your “About” comments are closed, so I’ll sneak in on this post to say I think your drawings are wonderful. A comment on my blog led me to this one, and we unfortunately share the experience of being Princeton alums who write and blog about the grossly untimely deaths of our beloved spouses (we also both have a sixteen-year-old). I think art is a great path to healing, whether it’s drawing, quilting, fiction or haiku. I look forward to getting a copy of your book..

  22. Stephanie

    P.S. Is it also possible we shared a thesis adviser? Mine was the late, great and formidable Walter Murphy from the Politics Department.

  23. lynn cohen

    Danny, I have just entered “A Kiss Before You Go” into the Powell Books (Portland, Oregon) Puddle Awards contest. If others are interested they can go to the site Powell’s.com Specials and vote for your book as the best book they read in 2012. You might want to make this a separate blog post! When you vote you also have an option to leave a comment about the book there to interest more readers! I did!

  24. lynn cohen

    Oops! That is Puddly Awards! Not Puddle!

  25. Chelle Destefano

    Definitely well deserved! :) So proud of you Danny, our “Mr Clip” ;)

    • dannygregory

      Thank you …. But who is Mr Clip? I googled it and only came up with a lawn service company, an occupation quite outside my normal skill set.

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