1. Matthi

    Congratulations – Danny!
    I have this book too! Very inspiring (my first book is “The Creative License”, you know…)

    – Matthias

  2. Francine

    They look cool!

  3. June Won

    Wow, you have new book in Korean.
    I have your book, creative license in Korean.
    I will buy this one, too.

  4. sunny

    Ok. I’m korean in Seoul.
    A few month ago,I bought this book in “English” online.
    Wiht my poor English. :’) And……….here comes the Korean version!!
    But it’s Ok. :’)
    There’s a lot of good dictionary around me,
    and I love English. haha
    The most important thing is that I love drawing and Danny Gregory.
    So thank you.

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