1. Nancy

    Hurray! You should stay longer in Bangkok!!! Safe and happy travels!

  2. Ellen Ward

    hey! Is that a roz stendahl book?

  3. Dana

    I think it is! Good eye Ellen!

  4. Dee

    I agree..Bangkok it is!

  5. neowatercolour

    AT LAST ! my pre-ordered “an illustrated journey” was delivered by Amazon today, here in the UK, and its BRILLIANT ! well worth waiting for ! :-) have a great trip Danny :-)

  6. Eveline

    How lovely. I do wonder if all this writing and talking about travel journaling will change your own work. If it does, I hope you tell us about it some time.

  7. Jason Pearlman

    That travel journal is going to be awesome!

  8. Vicki M.

    I plan to check back soon to see the travel journal!

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