11 thoughts on “How I got started in my career

  1. I love the piano music playing behind you as you speak. It makes you seem more important. Maybe you should carry around a boom box and have that music playing behind you all the time.

  2. Good story – and sounds very familiar. With a few variations, that’s exactly how I got my first agency job. I managed to get an interview with a creative director at an LA agency, showed my “portfolio” of ads I had written and laid out (we’re talking old school, rendering type by hand). I pitched him and the associate CD on the idea of a 2 day a week unpaid internship, part of my grad school graduation requirement. He asked me if I was copy or art side. “You have to choose?” I naively asked. So I picked copy, since I *was* in journalism grad school, and when I graduated in June the internship turned into a full time job. The associate CD and I are still good friends to this day. Showing up and working hard works. Always has. Always will.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video — you told a great story about how you wove into a small agency by being creative. And I really liked the two lessons you gleaned from that experience. Thanks!

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