1. Tommy Kane

    I love the piano music playing behind you as you speak. It makes you seem more important. Maybe you should carry around a boom box and have that music playing behind you all the time.

    • The Hipping Post

      Ha! Sounds like Danny needs a Thump Trunk (www.thumptrunk.com). I have no affiliation with this company, but it’s a cool product that serves your purpose, Tommy.

      • dannygregory

        Way cool! It just needs a compartment for art supplies!

  2. Rainwater

    Thanks Danny!! I love your advice and it could not have come at a better time!

  3. Joy Corcoran

    You’re never one for following the straight line :) Great interview and story.

  4. Karen Winters

    Good story – and sounds very familiar. With a few variations, that’s exactly how I got my first agency job. I managed to get an interview with a creative director at an LA agency, showed my “portfolio” of ads I had written and laid out (we’re talking old school, rendering type by hand). I pitched him and the associate CD on the idea of a 2 day a week unpaid internship, part of my grad school graduation requirement. He asked me if I was copy or art side. “You have to choose?” I naively asked. So I picked copy, since I *was* in journalism grad school, and when I graduated in June the internship turned into a full time job. The associate CD and I are still good friends to this day. Showing up and working hard works. Always has. Always will.

  5. Debbie

    Thank you for your continued inspiration. It is greatly appreciated. I am psyched!

  6. The Hipping Post

    Great interview, Danny. I particularly like your last piece of advice. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Darlene Campbell

    To manage your life creatively and alsways think of new ideas for doing things…a good mantra. You are definately inspiring the creative souls out there.

  8. zookyworld

    Thanks for sharing this video — you told a great story about how you wove into a small agency by being creative. And I really liked the two lessons you gleaned from that experience. Thanks!

  9. Danny, I love stories of creative job-hunting!

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