1. Schwartz, Nancy

    Hi Danny,

    These links are not working. I hope it’s not just me and I’ll get to read about your workshop soon. The Rowe Center sounds like an amazing place!

    Thank you for all of your generous inspiration!!

  2. Valerie Brown

    Yes, I would like to “have this sort of experience”! I thought long and hard about this workshop you just did, but the timing just didn’t fit with my schedule. Boo….. Anyway, perhaps you’ll do it again and I can go (and I plan on bringing my husband who is a fantastic sketcher who doesn’t sketch anymore).

  3. Lesli Williamson

    I want your passion to draw!!!! Please come do a workshop somewhere in or not too far from Portland, Oregon.

    Can’t wait,


  4. MainerChick

    so sad I didn’t get to go… maybe next time. Looks like fun.

  5. lisacheneyjorgensen

    Love this little film from your workshop Danny!! Yay!!!
    Next time I’ll have to work it into my schedule. Or perhaps a joint workshop?? :)

  6. jeckabee

    Would love to go but the dates didn’t work this time around…so close too! Gosh Darn! Please do more workshops in the north east!!

  7. susan

    Would you like to have this sort of experience?
    Yes, please!
    p.s. love the film ..

  8. lainer1

    Man, if I lived in MA, I would have attended this! I now live in AZ! Looks like a great time. Beautiful area too. Thanks for sharing this, Danny!

  9. JaneLaFazio

    delightful film!! and what a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to you doing it again. xo

  10. Nancy Patterson

    Please plan one out by Roz….I’ll be there!

  11. Patty Ausitn

    still immersed in drawing from this drawing weekend. Thanks Danny, JJ, Arthur, all…
    maybe a draw w/me done in MN would be cool, maybe drawing time in one of the/both of twin cities and some time near one of those gorgeous MN lakes! i’m in for that : )
    Again, thanks -the old girl in the red shirt

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