Westward weiner smuggling.

weiner smuggling

I’ve been in this town for forty years, in this apartment for sixteen. I have my favorite deli, pizzeria, subway line, barber, newspaper, baseball team and proctologist. In 72 hours, I’ll be packing my hounds into bags and taking them to our new home in LA. Hello, white space.

These have been times of change. In the last few months, I redid my apartment and started living with my girlfriend, then decided to pull up stakes and move to LA, left my job, started some super exciting new projects, got a new book contract, spent the summer with Jack, then he left again, I started watching Real Housewives, drinking green juice, drawing with a pencil, and parting my hair on the right — the list goes on. If this is mid-life, I guess I’ll live to be 106.

My life has always been marked by change ever since my parents split before I was two. I have lived all over the world, had calamities that reshuffled my deck several times, and more and more craved stability and consistency. I hated change and wanted to just be left the hell alone. But as I age I have realized that there is no such thing as consistency. Change is inevitable and it’s good. Even more so when you have some say in it.

Now, at last, I have control over my karmic checkbook. And I am mixing it up, folks. I may even get my eyebrows threaded. Stay tuned. We fly west on Sunday night.

38 thoughts on “Westward weiner smuggling.

  1. All the best to you as you begin this journey! Life is full of change. I’ve come to embrace and enjoy what life brings and say YES! to new experiences. We’ll all be interested to see what your future brings! Thanks for bringing us along.

  2. More power to you Daniel!! We only go around once and it turns out that it goes by faster than I certainly planned. Change? Bring it on! Can’t wait to see what living in So Cal brings. Safe travels and write soon. Hey you’ll be in the same state as Jane LaFazio so there is one more good thing to add to the list!

  3. Like the pundits always say … it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. Travel well and safe and enjoy. We’ll be watching!

  4. Congrats on the big leaps – it looks like weiner dogs may be the new “IT” accessory. Also, that right side-part really suits you! Happy travels.

  5. OM Goodness, I actually looked to see if you were parting your hair on the right. (Got me) Blessings and creative adventures to you in your new home. This all brings you new material for writing and art….that’s my favorite part about change. Now go and get settled in you’re making me dizzy with all this activity.

  6. Bravo on embracing change. Great photo :) And now our friend Jane LaFazio can take YOU out to lunch! We are glad to have you in Southern Cal ! PS. Be sure to try Rubio’s Fish Tacos.

  7. Oh yes, and being a So. Cal. native, I can tell you there is no end to the artistic opportunities here. I know you’ll make the best of them. :-)

  8. Your outlook on life is inspiring! I look forward to reading every post and more often than not it is just what I need to hear to get my own life back on track. Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck on this next chapter of your life!

  9. Big grins, sunny skies, and lots of sun tan lotion are in your cosmic future. Maybe the pups will take up doggie-board surfing. Thanks for taking us all along . . .

  10. Wow, you’ll be so much closer to the BAY Area! Hope you get up this way to teach and draw!
    Enjoy all the new wonderful changes and adventures that await your creating and creativity.
    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The best to you and the doggies! Happy trip and happy new home! I can see the three of you….each doggie with a tiny sketchbook and doggie-size pen and you with the big pen and sketchbook!

  12. I’m excited to hear that you’re moving to LA. I live there and would love to take some classes from you. I’m sure you’ll post on this blog when/if you are teaching. Have a wonderful adventure in LaLaland!

  13. Good luck with the move. Does that mean there might be a sketching class in SoCal at some point once you get settled? Or can we entice you to come to NorCal????
    Aloha, Kate

  14. Surf’s Up! You will chronic your adventures as long as you remain curious!
    Love from the California born UB now lving in Montana! Cynbad

  15. The weiners will keep you grounded and your blood pressure low…what a great picture of you. Happy trails to you and your pooches… enjoy the left coast, we’ll keep a light on for you on this side of the world :-)

  16. Congrats on all these exciting things happening in your life. Change is good! To me, it means moving forward and new adventures!
    And even when you fall flat on your face, you’re moving forward ;)

  17. Just returned from LA back to the desert – spent some time at the Getty – wondrous place!
    Wishing you the best in your new home. The pups are adorable!!!

  18. I can’t believe you left NYC. I left CT two years ago and moved to AZ. Now you moved to CA! How funny. I hope you like it. For me, it was a culture shock. I’m used to CT, NYC, and Boston. Now I have to get used to a disjointed city called Phoenix. I can’t even imagine how crazy LA will be for you. I’m curious to see if you like it after a year.

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