Me, talking.

micSometimes when I talk, I use my mouth, teeth, tongue, hands, and lots ‘n’ lots of slides. Some people find that interesting. Hence, I have a few  speaking things coming up:

You are welcome to attend any or all of them.


  1. mspollycrafter

    Please let us know more about the Fullerton date. I’d love to hear you in person!

    • dannygregory

      I’ll share details soon. We are still working on the exact date and location. Stay tuned.

  2. Lynn Cohen

    For a retired guy you certainly stay busy! Bravo! See you in Skool!

  3. Jeannette

    Are you going to archive sketchbook skool? And can I join later?

    • dannygregory

      You can join Sketchbook Skool whenever you like. The first semester last for six weeks and the second one begins in July. But why wait?

  4. ehwilson2013

    Danny is not retired…he just freed up his schedule to do this marvelous, important work of artist and teacher! Oooooo, if you get even close to Wisconsin, I’ve gotta be there!!! Can’t wait to start Sketch Skool!!! Actually, I’m not waiting, I ‘m about to go off for my weekly urban sketching binge with Draw Madison sketch group!

  5. Michelle Morris

    Great! I’m so excited! Right in my back yard! (Columbus). But there are no details on the site. Could you tell me your topic? I mean, I’m coming, not matter the topic! And bringing friends!

  6. Bobbi Rubinstein

    I live in the general LA area too. Please keep us posted, but I’ll calendar both days just in case. It would be fantastic to meet you in person.

  7. Julana

    I would also like to attend in Columbus. Will it be open to the public?

    • dannygregory

      Yes, I believe it will. I’ll post details as they firm up. See you there Julana!

      • Julana

        Great! Thank you.

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