Prash @ SBS

deepsouth-11I first met Prashant Miranda a decade ago and I have been a huge fan of his lovely watercolors, his gentle spirit, and his infectious smile ever since. I have included his work and his story in several of my books — he has been a compulsive journal keeper for twenty years and has a huge amount to teach us.  Prash was one of the first people I thought of when we started to assemble  a list of teachers for Sketchbook Skool and mainly for selfish reasons — I really wanted to learn from him and unless I was willing to fly to Varanasi and disguise myself as a small child, this was as close as I was likely to get to being on one of his watercolor classes anytime soon. I knew that he was assembling the videos for his klass while traveling alone around  a far-away country with uncertain support so I waited for bated breath for his first materials to come in. All I can say is that they are so wonderful they validate the reasons we started this Skool in the first place. I found them so inspiring and uplifting and I hope you will too. Prash will appear several weeks into the first semester and there’s still time to sign up. In the meantime, here’s his update on what he has in store for us:


  1. Pat Zachary Lawson

    Would love to see Prash organize a travel group to sketch with!

  2. Kristy

    When he started flipping through his sketchbook, I wanted him to slow down! Show me ALL the pictures! Wait, let me read a little bit! — I had instant sketchbook lust.

  3. Agata Kafarska

    He is the only teacher of a Sketchbook Skool I don’t know yet and I’m really excited to “meet” (virtually;)) such a sunny spirit:)

  4. Jeannette Quiroz

    Danny I am interested in the skool, but because of my work schedule I doubt I will make this window. Will there be another session?

    • dannygregory

      Sure hope so. We plan to start semester Two in July. And will be re-offering Semester One then too.

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