1. Paul

    Really looking forward to taking the classes. How about diplomas and tee-shirts upon graduation?

  2. Darlene Campbell

    Save me a seat in the front row. I’m most excited about the diversity and the hanging out with artists watching them work. I think you have a good structure here…so hurry April 4th!

  3. Margaret McDermott

    Hi, is it my iPad or does anybody else have a problem with the words and mouth not in sync, it is somewhat distracting! I am hoping the klass videos don’t have this problem, otherwise it should be a blast!

  4. dannygregory

    As we have said about these Skype videos in the past, they are crude and efficient but suffer from the lags of international networking. The SBS klass videos will be gorgeous and perfect.

  5. Margaret McDermott

    Sorry missed that, looking forward to the klass, thanks for the info.

  6. Chris

    Looking forward to the klass with the armed and dangerous squirrel. Very excited.

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