1. Darlene Campbell

    Hey Danny, now you know where I’m from. Isn’t German Village beautiful? Wish you could visit the Short North art district too, but you probably have limited time there. Seems insane to me that you are so close by and yet I’m not meeting you. Next time…

  2. dannygregory

    Feel free to come to the CSCA event, Darlene. It’s tomorrow night. http://www.cscarts.org/#

  3. Elizabeth MacDonald

    Ohhhh a Vandercook! <3

  4. Julana

    Welcome to Columbus! The weather will be better today. :-).
    Glad you have an Ohio connection. Impressed to read about Morgan’s work with VSA Ohio. Happy to hear about that group.

  5. Marisa Greenfield

    Poor Joe! Lucy’s hopped into the backseat between our suitcases before. Make you feel like mud…

  6. rosannekaufmann

    You look like a Californian now with that tan!

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