1. Marisa Greenfield

    Two more days to go! I can’t wait for the Seeing class to begin.

  2. mtallor5146

    Great video!

  3. Danny! I really want to enroll, but the SUMMER is so FULL, that I am afraid I cannot do it justice. Will there be another one in the fall/early winter- with you? You can e-mail msullivan@library.wisc.edu if you prefer.

  4. thesleepysoul

    Hey Danny,
    I’ve just bit the bullet and joined Beginnings Klass (always a last minute merchant). I’m now fretting that because I missed the first semester that I’m going to struggle somewhat (always lagging behind too!). 😐😕 What think ye?

    • Carol

      I’m not Danny, but I believe this Beginnings Klass is a second run of the original one, available again for those who couldn’t attend the first go-round – I’ve signed up for it, too, and that’s my understanding!

  5. thesleepysoul

    Actually, scrub my comment above and dinae fret about reply because I’ve just received email and reading it I reckons I’m going to be ticketyboo! :)

  6. midlifetraveller

    Have enrolled, can’t wait to start!

  7. Christell

    I regret not speaking English, I shall have liked joining :-)

  8. Steph

    Looking forward to it :)

  9. Corinna Menzer

    whopee – I just joined the Beginnings course. I’ve wanted to join in April, but I was so packed at work. I’m still packed at work, but screw them – I’m in desperate need to rediscover my creative self. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    • dannygregory

      See u in klass, Corinna. Glad u got your priorities straight!

  10. dannygregory

    That’s right — it’s very similar to last semester’s kourse with a few tweaks

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