2013-01-25_09-05-53_658Wow! What an honor! I got to spend 45 minutes this morning talking with radio legend Bob Edwards about Patti and my new book. He’s an incredible interviewer and a true radio god.  They think our talk will be aired on Valentine’s Day on his show, Bob Edwards Weekend,  on PRI and on Sirius XM Public Radio (XM 121, Sirius 205).  I’ll post a copy of the interview after it airs. And,yes, that’s Oprah’s studio.

Calling Caller Number 5!

I was just on the Morning Show with Dean and Don on KMA serving Southwest Iowa, Northwest Missouri and Southeast Nebraska.

It was a lovely chat (you can hear it here) and they gave away a copy of A Kiss B4 U Go to Caller Number 5.  If that was you, I hope you like the book!

And if you weren’t Caller Number 5 but still want a copy, you can get one!